My non single friends

Hi everyone, hope you had a nice start to the week! This is a continuation from last night’s post so I recommend reading that one first:

Let’s jump straight in!

Rose-Rose is recently converted. She was like me; relationship here and there. So admittedly I was surprised (and a little sad I suppose) when she seemed to jump into this relationship. They’re together a little less than a year and already living together. But the good thing about Rose is that she doesn’t act any different. I see her as much as before even in the ‘honeymoon period’. We go to the cinema or for dinner but also go on nights out. We still do movie nights, she just gets rid of him ha. When he’s away I still stay over after nights out as it’s easier (one taxi and that). This is how you do friendships and relationships people.

Annie-Annie started dating her boyfriend (now husband) when we were just 18. She jumped right in and we really only saw her when we all went out with him and his mates. Fast forward a few years, she forgot what it was like to be single. When we meet up it’s usually for a mad night out dancing. On our rare nights out she has remarked “I miss these type of nights” to which I joked that my nights are always like this. Seriously though, people seem to think if you’re single on a night out you’re throwing yourself at guys. Casting the fishing net on the dance floor and hoping you catch a guy. No. We go dancing, get drunk. Same as you, only difference is we go home alone (or together) and you go home with your fella.

Mary-Mary used to give out about Annie always being with her boyfriend. Until she met her own guy. ,Then she disappeared too (Annie and Mary are kind of the bad example of friendships and relationships). I don’t really see her anymore (not since last August) but I wanted to include her to show how some girls change. We used to go out every weekend She’s married now and doesn’t go to a pub or club without her husband (who also says what she can wear, but I’m not getting into that). I would text her to do things like the cinema, or dinner but she would always say no. Eventually I stopped asking.

Caitlyn– Caitlyn is another good example of having friends in relationships. We go dancing a lot and have even gone over to Glasgow on a weekend away. When you do hang out with her fella and other couples you’re not an odd one out. Cough cough, Annie & Mary. Caitlyn kind of acts like she’s single on nights out.

Annemarie– More Caitlyn’s friend but is always on nights out with us and went to Glasgow. She’s married but her fella is an asshole. He doesn’t work and talks to her horribly. On nights out he has called and she will leave early. And by early I mean an hour after we arrive at the club.

Sally/Rosie– More Rose’s friends but mine by proxy. Both in relationships but we go out dancing and get drunk. We also go to concerts and festivals.

So there you have it. Most of the girls I go clubbing with are in relationships. My ‘calm’ friends are the single ones. The point is it completely depends on our individual personalities and prerogatives how we act in and out of relationships. I don’t think we should generalise like that.


Bré x












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