Let’s talk about Will

Do you ever suddenly realise that someone (most likely a boy) isn’t what he seemed? Or maybe he was and now he’s changed?

The back story..

I met Will almost five years ago when I went out with a friend one random night. She was meeting old college friends and Will was one of them. We clicked straight away. After the bar we all walked to one of the lads’ houses for more drinks. Will and I kissed on the way there. He took my number and actually text me the next day. It was great. Will is from Dundalk so after texting for a bit he asked me out and came down to Dublin. He made the effort. We went for a drink and then to a film. He had a weird sense of humour like me, and is super tall (I’m 5′ 10″ remember). I really liked him.

After the date we kept texting all the time and the next week I drove up to him. We just hung out in his, watched films. And this is the part where you will think I’m either a bitch or just a weirdo. I don’t know what it was, but something inside me just thought “I’m not sure about this”. When I left his house I went home. After a few days, I started not texting me back as enthusiastically. I wouldn’t send big long messages back. And he still wrote long texts and was eager. I started to feel this pressure or something. When I wouldn’t write back he’d text me again after a while. I told him I thought it was a bit much. He apologised and said he wouldn’t text me as much, but I just felt like it was done and I didn’t want to see him again.

Looking back I know that it was most likely the typical “girls don’t like good guys”. Lame excuse I know. As you will find out from this blog I have a history of picking assholes so I think when Will seemed actually interested in me and made an effort I didn’t know what to do so I bailed. Or perhaps I was young and stupid. Or just a bitch. Maybe it was a combination.

The rest of the back story..

I don’t remember the period in between that and when we were back talking. I’m sure there was an awkward patch where we didn’t text but I couldn’t even tell you how long. I’ve always remembered talking to Will, whether texting or on Facebook, but I know we were basically always flirting.

After I stopped seeing the guy I worked with two years ago we started texting again. My friend even mentioned about us flirting on Facebook. Then at Halloween that year I remember he was texting me asking for a photo. After a couple of drinks I hinted at something between us and he said he had just broken up with someone and wasn’t ready for anything else. I guess I was disappointed. Surely if Will liked me that much years ago and he seemed like he still did, he should have wanted to start seeing me if he had the chance? Yes, a selfish thought but I have to tell you the whole story or what’s the point? So we left it for another while. I hoped he’d make a move when he was ready.

I used to always think about Will. I even thought about writing a post and calling it something cheesey like “The one who got away”. I’m still not sure if he was or not. But he was nice to me. He has a head on his shoulders. He’s a manager and bought his own house last year. We have good chemistry. Then again, we could have started dating and he may have turned out to be an asshole too. I haven’t seen him in a few years though so it culd all be in my head. I guess it’s the not knowing that keeps him coming to mind every now and then.

Present day..

OK so not only do we still talk on Facebook and texting but now there was Snapchat too (we all know what an evil flirtatious trap Snapchat can be. No? Just me?).  Lately we’ve been texting a lot. A while back we chatted about me coming up to Dundalk but nothing came of it. But he would be down in Dublin and never tell me.

OK so I’ll point out now that years ago I owned this silk shirt. Just a normal shirt you would wear out but he had this thing about it. He used to joke about me sending him pictures of me in it. Honestly like it was literally a normal shirt I’ve no idea why he liked it so much. Anyway, recently he started telling me that I’d have to send him a picture if I wanted to know when he down in Dublin. He never talked like that in the beginning. So I told him I threw the shirt out (which I did). He was not impressed. Well he didn’t seem impressed but then again his humour sometimes made things a little unclear.

So last Saturday I was having drinks in my brothers and I was texting Will. After joking a bit he said something about me “trying to get rid of him five years ago”. So was that it? Was he still bothered by that? Could we not move past it? Had it changed him? A lot of questions but no answers. We were texting most days this week and on Thursday night he text me at 11pm to say he was in Dublin and heading home in the next hour. Like why doesn’t he tell me so we can make plans?

Either he just isn’t interested anymore and is playing me. Or maybe he is and is just worried about me bailing again. I’ve made it clear that I’m interested in him. I’ve mentioned going up to visit him. Either way I think it might be time to give up on the idea of Will.


What do you think?



Bré x


13 questions to learn more about Bré

OK so my mind is in a little funk at the moment. I thought I’d see if I could google and find some questions I could answer to show you guys more about me. A few articles came up but I picked this fellow bloggers post “31 genuinely interesting questions to ask your next date”

31 Genuinely Interesting Questions For You To Ask Your Next Date

OK lads, I know you’re all dying to ask me out so I’ve taken the burden off by answering 13 of them (you gotta check out Thought Catalog for the rest!).

  1. What was the last book you read without skipping through anything? Room by Emma Donoghue. Brilliant book. Currently reading Finbarr’s Hotel.
  2. Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving? Shark diving, definitely.
  3. What is the most random thing you’ve ever watched all the way through on Netflix? Love Me. It’s a documentary about “mail order brides”. It’s really interesting but also sad to see the reasons men look for women in Eastern Europe/Asia and also why the women want to leave their homes.
  4. How did you meet your best friend? My best friend is Rose, I met her through mutual friends when we were 13. She was a year ahead of me in school. We’re still friends 13 years on. (How weird she just rang me when I was typing this!)
  5. What accomplishments are you most proud of? I’ve done a lot of volunteering and charity work since I’m 13. I have different awards from the Lord Mayor and President. But the satisfaction of doing the work is worth so much more (how cheesey eh?)
  6. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it? I have a (fading) scar on my right arm from when I done a silly thing and cut it when I was 19.
  7. If you were going to go to the movies alone, what would be the perfect film for you to watch by yourself? Horror. With someone, without. Makes no difference.
  8. Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans or obligations? If i had no obligations on a weekday afternoon I’d go to bed.
  9. In your opinion, what is the best Disney movie to come out since Disney’s Golden Age? The Lion King.
  10. Who is a character from a TV show or a book that you’ve always resonated with? Meredith Grey, Season 2, Grey’s anatomy.
  11. Which would be harder for you to give up: coffee or alcohol? Coffee.
  12. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, but it’s not the ghosts we need to fear, it’s man.
  13. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself? My eyes.

OK, so I hope that gives you a little more info about me! If there is anything you want to know feel free to ask 🙂


Bré x

My writings on Hush

Hi everyone! OK so I know my reviews are usually about films from the cinema but on Thursday I found time to chill and watch a horror on Netflix. I know it sounds silly but recently I’m finding it harder to have time to watch a good film on Netflix. Most of the time after work, blogging, cooking and any other ‘adult’ tasks when I sit down to watch Netflix I end up watching the same old TV shows so I can let me mind go on autopilot.

I saw this film on Netflix  and the description done nothing for me. Then by chance while watching trailers on Youtube so I watched it. I was hooked and had to watch it.

What’s it about?

In simple terms it’s about Maddie who is deaf and dumb and some mad man breaks in and gets off on the whole thing. Watch the trailer, tell me what you think.

What I liked about it?

I love home invasion films and films where the victims fight back. The suspense is really good and I felt tense for most of the film. The idea of her not being able to speak or hear is really good and so scary. For example (without spoiling too much), in the scene in the trailer where he comes inside and takes her phone, just before that it shows Maddie and the door sliding behind her and she doesn’t move and your just like “WTF” It’s so good. I like the bad guys character too.

What I didn’t like?

OK, so I’m going to contradict myself here by using the same scene as an example for something I didn’t like. I think there could have been less sound. In some scenes we could hear a very low sound, obviously to show you what Maddie was hearing. Then in the scene I wrote about above, we can hear the door sliding when he comes in. I feel it would have been even more tense if we just saw the door open in silence and him walking around behind her. There is a scene like that near the end with no sound and oh my, it was brilliant.

Should you watch it?

Yes! I thought it was so good! If you like the home invasion films or horrors in general then check it out. And the ending won’t disappoint you.

Let me know what you guys think 🙂



Bré x

How 1km becomes 5km

This isn’t a post about health or fitness. It’s about peer pressure, pain and humiliation.

The back story

Our company decided to participate in the 5km work relay in Dublin last week. Basically there are five members on a team running 1km in a relay. I obviously didn’t volunteer because I’m not fit. At all. Anyway two teams signed up but coming up to the race the volunteers dwindled until there was only one team of five left. One being my boss. On Wednesday, the night before the race he text me, saying that he couldn’t do it because he had loads to do before his holiday the next day. He asked could I do it, that I could walk it. I said no because I wasn’t fit enough. It’s not about running or walking etc, it’s a race. You’re under pressure for time. But he said there was no one else and that if I didn’t the team would have to pull out. I know I should have stood up but I said yes, OK.

The day of the race

While in work I tried to get the message across that I wasn’t fit and had to walk the 1km. I was reassured that the others were going to walk it too, they weren’t fit. Bullshit. I knew they were fitter. Not just by their physiques but because I was told they do jogging. I asked my boss for his sponsorship card (he hadn’t bothered to get a single signature). If I had to do this I was going to make sure it was worth it. Anyway, we head to the Phoenix Park, where you had to park and walk to the race. I couldn’t moan about this because having to walk was the only thing that stopped IT guy from coming to ‘cheer’ us on. I actually would have died if he did. Only about five minutes and running late I tried to jog a little to get there. After one minute (told you I’m unfit) I had to stop and walk. My breathing was already heavy and my calves started to hurt. I worried I just hindered my performance.

When I got there, A had already gone. We stood around waiting and after ten minutes we started to question it. Then the announcer mentioned 5km. We looked at each other. “Does he mean 5km each?” People around us began to say it too. Yes he did. And that’s how 1km turns into 5km. I started to panic. I couldn’t do 5. I barely had faith in myself to walk or jog 1km. I told them I couldn’t do it but they kept saying I’d be fine. I know they were trying to reassure me but they clearly didn’t hear what I was trying to tell them. All I could think is that I won’t be fine when I’m collapsed on the tarmac. I thought about just refusing to do it. But a lot of people sponsored me to do it. Because 5km would take a lot longer to do B told me to go at the same time as her. “It’s grand we’ll walk it” As soon as we started she jogged and I tried to keep up but after a couple of minutes I told her to go on.

Again, my legs started to hurt and my breathing got heavier. OK, so I know I’m unfit but I also have a problem where I can’t breath through my nose. I don’t know if this stops me from being able to jog or get even a little fitter but I’m sure it doesn’t help. I thought about just getting to 1km. That’s all people sponsored me for. It’s all I had to do. But as I approached the 1km mark there were loads of people behind me and I didn’t want to turn around and feel humiliated. So I kept going.

An extra 4km

I told myself to just keep going. I walked it. If I kept walking I’d eventually get there. Hopefully by the time the rest of the team finished too. I sang to myself. Thought about writing this post and what I would say. What I’d love to text my boss. None of it helped a great deal. My chest tightened. I felt like crying a couple of times. Not even from pain, but the awkwardness and embarrassment. After 2km a blister formed on the sole of my right foot so I had to lean to the side. This just made my ankle hurt and I felt the strain go up my leg. Everyone, and I mean everyone,jogged it. I was literally the only one walking it. I jogged twice more, once up a hill because I didn’t think I’d make it otherwise. And when I approached the finish line. So yes, I made it. My heart felt a little lighter every time I saw the signs. 1..2..3..4.. When I saw that finish line I was so happy. Happy to finally be over that hell but happy with myself for completing it. I made it. In 45 minutes but I didn’t care.

E went last and ran it in 21 minutes. Not fit my arse.


Yes I felt great after. The adrenaline was still there. It was the next morning, when I woke and everywhere hurt. I went into the office and everyone told me how great I was for doing it. They asked how I was and when I said “I’m in bits” they laughed and I laughed because that was less embarrassing than telling them that my ankle hurt because of the blister, my back and bum hurt, that I almost cried three times because I was too afraid to say no to doing it for fear that people would think bad of me.

They asked if I would do it again, did I find a new thing. No. Plain and simple. I did not have an epiphany where I realised my life was missing this all these years. The only good thing to come out of this is that my boss now owes me a favour and that I raised €140 for charity.


Bré x

P.S If you are a fitness blogger or runner, I admire you. But please don’t comment saying how great you feel afterwards, etc. You know what, comment saying how shitty your first race was. How much you hurt. Us lazy people appreciate the honesty and realism of it.


My writings on the Angry Birds movie

Hi everyone! So on Sunday I brought my nephews (8,12) to see Angry Birds. I’m sure most of you know about the game Angry Birds and I was definitely one who played it a lot!

What’s it about?

The film stars Jason Sudeikis as Red,  a bird who lives on the outskirt of Bird Island who has problems with anger. When the Pigs come from Piggy Island to explore he is the only one who is suspicious of them. However when the pigs true plans are revealed, the other happy go lucky birds must be like Red and get angry to stop them.

What I liked about it?

When I first heard they were doing the film I was like “how will they make a story line out of it?” but the plot is actually good. You get to see all the characters from the game. There is a lot of funny bits and even some jokes for the adults that fly over kids heads.

What I didn’t like?

There wasn’t really anything to dislike. Most children’s films don’t give you high expectations as serious films may do.

Should you go see it?

If you have kids, they will definitely love it. Even young kids because there are a lot of colours and action going on. If you are an adult but like funny, silly kids movies, you will love it too. I do suggest going to a late showing to avoid the very young kids.




Bré x

Blogger night out with IBA

Hi everyone! So if you follow my Snapchat (@breesanchezz) you will know that last week the Irish Bloggers Association (IBA) were invited by Oscar’s Bar and Kitchen to try out their menu and have a couple of drinks. It was only my second blogger meet up and I was really excited to meet some more fellow bloggers.

When I arrived I was greeted with a gin cocktail which was yummy, and not too strong. There were a lot of bloggers there and I was a bit like a deer in headlights. Not sure where to sit I went to say hello to Fiona first. Fiona runs the IBA and she is very friendly. She led me to a table and introduced me to everyone.


I sat down and discovered this table was food bloggers. When you’re there to try a tasting menu this is a good thing. They knew a lot more about food than me and they were lovely! Their blogs are a real mix so I suggest checking them out. (I’ll post all the links at the end to their blogs and to the restaurant)

The food was all different and was presented differently. They had a lot of vegetarian options because one of the girls at our table was vegetarian and they made sure she had something for each course.

The staff were all so friendly. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. It really makes a difference to your experience whether it’s a fancy restaurant or the cinema. They also knew a lot about the food. There was none of this throw the plates on the table and run. They explained what was in each dish, how it was cooked and offered a drink that would compliment it.

There was also a singer who really set the mood with a mix of blues/swing. The decor is really nice and the atmosphere is chilled.

My favourite dish would have to be the steak. I usually wouldn’t order it but it was delicious so it might be my new choice ha. Then the dessert came out. Danny the waiter was hilarious. After serving them he told us “Jesus himself would say ‘you deserve this'”. It was beautiful and was served with a dessert wine.

I had a really great time in good company. It’s nice chatting to other bloggers because it’s such a diverse community. The food was amazing and we were not short of drinks ha.

I have to suggest Oscar’s for my friends next dinner date. We love trying new places and Rose is vegetarian and Edie is Vegan. Oh and how could I forget the little gift we got when leaving. They really went above and beyond to accommodate us.


Here is the links for you guys to check out:








Bré x


The Crush

Every time you talk I want to answer you,

let you know I feel the same

but I’m not part of it so I stay quiet.

I had gotten over you

until I had to see you everyday.

Convincing myself we’d be great together

I thought there was something between us.

I know now that’s not true.


You seem wiser than your years

and at the same time you act your young age.

I refuse to be your pal when the others aren’t around.

I love your cheeky smile.

I felt bad ignoring you in the canteen

Were you trying to make an effort

Maybe even a move?

I remind myself you’ve had chances

and passed them up.


So I’ll do my work, answer you politely

give attitude when you warrant it.

You do your work, laugh with the clique.

I’ll keep secretly hoping to find a message

from you on Facebook.


Bré x

Single girl bucket list #23

Hi everyone! So today’s post is no 23 on my single girl bucket list. If you haven’t checked it out yet here you go!


Go on a date and stay out all night!

I met Luke on Tinder, before it became overrated. He had just moved over from England a few months beforehand. We chatted for about two weeks, texting loads. We decided to go for a few drinks midweek because it suited us both with work and that. We met in a local bar on a Tuesday.

I was so nervous because even though we hadn’t met yet I liked him a lot. But as soon as we met it was so comfortable. It was like we already knew each other. We had a couple of drinks and talked about anything and everything. He actually said “Thank God for whoever invented Tinder because otherwise I may never have met you.” Yes it was all sorts of Edam and Camembert but I soaked it all in.

While Luke was in the bathroom, I checked my phone. My friend Deirdre had text me seeing if I wanted to go to town with her. We usually went out on Tuesdays and one of the lads was home from England for a few days. I told her I couldn’t because I was on a date. She didn’t take no for an answer and kept texting me. Luke came back and we kept chatting. When we got a bit tipsy my phone beeped again and I told him it was my friend asking me to go to town. He said “Let’s go” I asked was he joking and he said no, that it would be fun. So that was it. We were in a taxi on the way to town to meet Deirdre and Shane in Diceys.

Again, as soon as everyone was introduced, they all got on great (good ol’ alcohol). We drank and danced all night. When Luke went to the bathroom he came back with a lolly for me. (From the toilet attendant- he didn’t randomly find a lolly in there) I thought that was real cute. When Deirdre and Shane went off to the bar, Luke kissed me. Our first kiss. The group took some pictures together and Luke asked to get some of just the two of us. He added me on Facebook, which to me is a big deal because I don’t add random guys on it. He said a lot of things that gave the impression that he already wanted to see me again. Like we were talking about a book and he said he had a copy and would “give it you next time”.

When the club closed we all went for food. Luke seemed interested in getting to know my friends. And getting to know me better. Finally it was time to call it a night and we got a taxi home. As he dropped me off the sun was coming up and birds were chirping. It was 5.30am and Luke was in work at 9am. A few casual drinks turned into one of the funnest dates I’ve ever been on. I put it down to our chemistry but also because we chatted for a bit before meeting up. Being comfortable with the other person is huge.



Bré x

Case of the Ex #2

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a fantastic weekend in the sun!

After a small conversation with another blogger on my last post( https://writingsofasinglegirl.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/why-i-didnt-go-to-my-crushs-party/comment-page-1/#comment-224 ) We were talking about how guys will say things like they don’t want a relationship, but usually it just means they’re not interested in you. So I decided to write about Brian to give an example.

I met Brian the month before my 21st, at Halloween. We had a mutual friend who he asked about me when he saw me. Later in the night he asked for my number. He would text me here and there when he was on nights out and I didn’t pay much attention to it. Until the January when I saw him on a night out and we kissed. But again after that, nothing came from it. No text, no date. So it became a thing that we would see each other on nights out. Soon I ended up going back to his after nights out. There was no sex. Just sleeping together. I hate saying this but Brian was the best guy I ever slept with. We would go asleep with his arms around me. You know how people fall asleep like that but then usually move apart once asleep? Well when that happened, if I moved at all in the bed Brian would stir and put his arms back around me.I loved it.

I guess that’s why I kept going back. Even when he told me he didn’t want a relationship. Not after his ex played mind games and got her brothers to hop on him. Even when I  realised he was a little too fond of going out drinking with his mates almost every night. Even when I wouldn’t hear from him until the next night out. Where he would come over to me with a drink. Ask me to go for a smoke. Eventually ask me to go home with him. I still went home with him. I was young and naive. Lonely too I suppose. And his arms made me feel at home.

He never tried to have sex. He seemed content with kissing, a little fooling around. It wasn’t until the middle of August. I had come back from holidays and went out the following weekend. We went back to his and had sex. My tan even darker in my white dress. He said I looked amazing. I suppose I thought he would miss me while I was away. That he’d cop on and want me to be his girlfriend. But sure why would he miss me? He went days at a time without talking to me.

I tried to finish it. More than once. I would avoid him on nights out, tell him it was done. He’d plead and apologise. Or I wouldn’t be out and he’d start ringing me at 3am wondering where I was. I should have ignored the calls, the texts. But I would convince myself that they meant he missed me. That he wanted me. Loved me. So I’d go back. We only ever had one ‘real date’. To the cinema, then takeaway and back to his.

Looking back I know better now. Brian was never in a position to commit. To me anyway. We sorta fizzled out at the same time he started dating some other girl. They are still together four years on. I see him on nights out every so often because of mutual friends. He’s not the only guy to use the “I don’t want a relationship” excuse and I’m sure he won’t be the last. But I’ve learned from them. It’s usually the easiest (and cowardly) way to tell us girls, hoping we’ll figure it out. I know now that you can not make a guy want to be with you. There is no way to change their mind.

On a side note Brian is thirty this year. Still living at home, out drinking with his mates. All of them in dead end jobs. I’ve also seen him tell his girlfriend the night is finished so she goes home and he comes back to the house party that we’re all going to. Looking back I’m glad I dodged a bullet. I know it would be harder to finish something with him now (if we had gotten together years ago), realising that he’s no intention of doing anything with his life.

So if I was to give you some ‘dating advice’ it would be this. When a guy says he doesn’t want a relationship, try to accept it. You won’t change his stance on the matter. And realise that maybe it is the best thing for you. Wasting time on a guy who doesn’t want you will mean wasting time you should be spending with someone who does!


Bré x







Why I didn’t go to my crush’s party

Almost Friday people!

OK, so I wanted to share something with you all. A while back I received an invite on Facebook to (one of) my crush’s 30th birthday party. He worked in the warehouse in my old job. I’m not exaggerating when I say that when he walked by the window in our office my heart skipped. He always wore bright coloured tops so you could see him out of the corner of your eye. He’s a lovely fella, all the women say so ha. He would always chat to me in the canteen.

You would think that getting an invite to his party would make me happy and that I’d want to go. But maybe I should give you a bit more information first. I added him on Facebook and he accepted. The great (or bad, depending how you look at it) thing about Facebook is that everyone adds people they’ve just met so it doesn’t seem as stalkerish adding him ha. He left the job for a while and one day I liked a picture of his and within thirty seconds he messaged me: “You’s miss me yet?” My heart stopped. But after a couple of messages he didn’t write back. From Facebook pictures I knew what pub he usually went to. I was delighted when my friend decided to have her birthday celebrations there one weekend. I made sure to make myself look pretty and was disappointed when he didn’t show. We ended up leaving and heading down the road to our own local.

I could not believe my eyes. There he was, in my local! We said hi and I could tell he was pretty drunk. He whispered to my friend “she fancies me doesn’t she?” I clearly wasn’t good at hiding it. When we got chatting a while later at the end of the night he said something that broke my heart. What breaks every female’s heart who has a crush; no matter age. “Your mate’s a cracker”. I said my goodbyes without looking upset and we went home. He messaged me on FB the next day, saying he barely remembered the night.

I saw him one more night after that. While chatting to him he asked me if I wanted a drink. Maybe he does like me? Before we could go the bar, while I was in the middle of a story, he turned around, looked back and said “my girlfriend is looking at you”. Again I said goodbye and walked away. Not only did he have a girlfriend so there was no point pursuing him but he was trying to start some sort of drama by saying his girlfriend is eyeing me up. He messaged me the next day. I felt like he knew I liked him but he messaged me playing on my crush anyway.

So here we are. The FB invite. Another thing about FB is that people invite everyone on it to things. Try to make up the numbers. I wouldn’t know anyone at it which means I would have to bring friends. (Which he messaged me-“you can bring your mates”) That just made it clear to me that perhaps he wanted my friend to come, more so than me.

So I decided not to go. I can’t even remember what I did instead. Probably not even anything too exciting. But one thing is for sure. I didn’t go and inevitably end up feeling miserable because he still doesn’t fancy me back.



Bré x