Man with a van

I thought I’d share a funny story with you all. Years ago, when we were about nineteen, one of my friends met a guy when we were out. Now Stacey was a year younger than me but a lot more naive. We had been out at a club and at the end of the night a guy came over to us. Me and Jessica were having none of it. When a guy waits until the end of the night, outside the club and comes on to the whole group, it’s not a good sign. He’s just hoping to get with someone, anyone, before the night is over.

Stacey though was delighted. She told us she didn’t want to go for food, that Mark (I don’t remember his name) was going to take her home in a taxi. Me and Jessica looked at each other, asked her was she sure? She was adamant. We headed to McDonald’s and while we were eating we called her to check she was OK. She was just coming into her estate. She text me when she was home. The next day we went for coffee and she dished the dirt. Remember, Stacey also lives at home with her over protective parents. When the taxi pulled up he got out of the car. She asked him what he was doing and he said he was making sure she got in the door. She said she was fine and after a couple of other cheesey excuses he gave up and got back in the taxi.

It was only a couple of weeks after that, when we were out again, that she told me the rest of it. She said he took her number and “asked her out on a date”. I can’t stress enough, that going on a drive is not a date. Most certainly not for a first date. So he comes and picks her up. In his van. OK, fair enough. If the van was to transport them to their date. Nope. He drives to a chipper and gives her money, telling her to get whatever she wants. When she asked what he wanted he said “No, I’ve already had my dinner.” Stacey was confused. Why would he “bring her out” to get food and not get anything. She just got a bag of chips. They sat in the van, her picking at the chips.

This was when a couple of lads came up to the van. They began chatting and it was clear they were friends of Mark. After a couple of minutes Stacey heard them joke about a mattress. When she questioned it Mark shrugged it off, and the lads left. Stacey thought it was a bit weird. She looked back and pulled the tarp that was dividing the front and back. There in the back of the van was a mattress! She told him to drive her home immediately which thankfully he did.

I wish I could say this helped her becoming more aware of the world and the dirt bags in it but it didn’t.


Bré x


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