My writings on Eye In The Sky

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend.I went to see Eye In The Sky with Rose. The trailer made me want to go see it, it reminded me of the American Sniper trailer.

What’s it about?

It stars Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman & Aaron Paul. Also want to mention Barkhad Abdi who was in Captain Phillips, I think he’s a great actor. The film is about a mission to capture a group of terrorists who were behind the latest suicide bombings in Nairobi, Kenya. Ultimately the film is about the legal, ethical & political dilemmas of a drone attack. The film opens with the quote:

“Truth is the first casualty of war”

What I liked?

The suspense is never ending. Mirren is great at playing a ruthless Colonel who wants to get the mission done no matter what. Paul also does a great performance as the pilot who is essentially the executioner if the drone attack goes ahead. It was also crazy to see the technology they use to spy such as the beetle which flies into the house. Even the fact that Paul is in Vegas, while Mirren and Rickman are in London and they are all watching the same people in a room in Kenya. We also see an insight into the fanatics’ views where a girl can’t play, do math or have her wrists showing.

What I didn’t like?

I really enjoyed the film. I suppose the only thing that bothered me was that there are those people who think one girl’s life is worth catching the terrorists but that’s reflecting real life.

Should you go see it?

Yes, if you like suspense and tension. You find yourself catching your breath more than once. I will leave you with a quote from the late Alan Rickman’s character:

“Don’t ever tell a soldier he doesn’t understand the cost of war.”




Bré x



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