My writings on Friend Request

Hi everyone! So last night I brought my eldest nephew to see Friend Request (don’t worry, he’s 16 ha). There wasn’t much else on and we like horrors. It reminded me of the film out last year Unfriended. I thought it looked like a crapper version of it so my hopes weren’t very high.

What’s it about?

A mysterious girl in Laura’s class adds her on Facebook and she accepts. That’s when things get weird. She unfriends her. That’s when things get scary. Laura’s friends start dying all around her. It’s not a star studded cast so no point in dropping names.

What I liked?

It exceeded my expectations and was different than Unfriended. I enjoyed the story line which had some shocks. There were a lot of scary parts too.

What I didn’t like?

The only thing I didn’t like was the ending, but hey, I can be picky. My nephew liked it too. However I would suggest Unfriended over this.



Bré x



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