To my friends who don’t drive

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

So the other day I was heading out with my friend to get a coffee and have a browse in the shops. I left my house to pick up my friend (who lives about a fifteen minute drive away) and text her. When I got to her house I got a text to say she wasn’t ready yet. When I mentioned that I had told her I was on the way she said “calm the ham” and laughed.

OK so I get it’s not a big deal but after thinking about it there are always things that I want to say but don’t want to start an argument. Bear in mind, this isn’t just the one friend. It seems to be all of them who don’t drive or own a car. So here it is, my bit of therapy ha.

  • I text you five minutes before I actually leave because I know you’re never ready when I get down to you. I then have to sit in the car and wait for you. (If I come in you’ll just take longer)
  • On average you have fifteen minutes longer than me to get ready. To straighten your hair more. To do intense eye makeup. And yet you still let me sit there while you change your outfit or do another coat of mascara.
  • You get to see what my final look is before you decide on yours.
  • Once you took so long a guy came over to the car to ask if I was looking to score drugs.
  • I worked hard and bought my car. I pay my road tax and car insurance. Petrol is not the only expense.
  • Speaking of petrol, it’s nice to offer petrol money when we’re going somewhere far. Especially when it’s your idea to go there. I may refuse to take it, but it’s the offer that counts.
  • I put petrol in my car to do me the week, get me to and from work. Just because there’s half a tank of gas does not mean we can “go on a drive”.
  • I spent thousands on my car. Do not leave your rubbish in the car. Do not spill crumbs or let chocolate MELT on to the seat.
  • I double back on journeys and pass by my house to drop you home at night.
  • Again, on average it takes me fifteen minutes longer to get home. Don’t act like it’s a big deal when I don’t want to stay out late.
  • When we go shopping, it costs two tolls on top of petrol and I come home without the stuff I wanted to get because you were rushing me.
  • You just assume I’ll bring you places.
  • You strategically plan things so you will get a lift.
  • You cancel plans when I ask you to get the bus and meet me halfway for something. Or God forbid I want to have a drink.

I get that it was my choice to buy a car to commute instead of public transport. The expenses are mine. I’m cool with driving most places. So please, just out of respect, make sure you’re ready when you say you will be!


Bré x






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