10 lessons I learned from living with facial disfigurement

This is a fellow Irish blog I came across in a Facebook group. Very inspiring!


I can’t live my life all over again, but if I could offer some advice to a younger Tom then there are 10 things I would say:

  1. You can’t change your disfigured face, but you can change your attitude. Don’t surrender to negative thoughts.
  2. The biggest enemy is yourself, not anyone else. Don’t find that out the hard way.
  3. Don’t stop yourself from meeting people, or going out socially just because you look the way you do. Most people don’t care and will happily accept you. Seriously.
  4. Switch off when you notice people staring. You can’t stop them staring, but not as many people stare as you think. I found that out as the years rolled by.
  5. Ignore the occasional insults and abuse that come your way. I’ve experienced a few incidents, but if you allow them to affect you long term then they will stop you enjoying the best…

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