My friend and her boyfriend don’t sleep together

Hey everyone, happy Monday!

I just wanted to share this with you because I think it’s so odd. A while back my friend Rose moved in with her boyfriend. They were together about eight months. She was living in a 2 bedroom apartment when he moved in. We were out one night recently and she said something about Tony’s room and I laughed thinking maybe she meant that his junk was in there. But she was serious. When he moved in all his stuff went into the second room. And so did he. Rose said “ya know, it’s grand when you want your own space”.

We went out on the weekend and I stayed in hers after (easier for taxis and that). I stayed in her room and she went into Tony’s room with him. I just didn’t get it at all. Why make that kind of commitment and move in with someone that you don’t even want to share a bed with at night? If they could only afford to rent a one bedroom apartment (and that is the way things are going in Ireland’s rental market) they would have to share a bedroom. All their clothes, bits and bobs in one room with one bed.

Obviously I’m single now but one of my favourite parts of being in a relationship is sharing a bed with someone. The whole situation reminds me of that episode of King of Queens where they accidentally get twin beds delivered instead of a king size. At first they love the space, only going over to each other for sex and heading back to their own bed. Eventually they miss sharing a bed and get rid of the twins.

What do you all think? Is it just me?


Bré x







8 thoughts on “My friend and her boyfriend don’t sleep together

  1. Some people snore… Lol. Before my boyfriend died, there were times I’d leave the bed just to get some sleep. He didn’t always snore, and he didn’t always keep me up with it when he did. I love sleeping with someone but sometimes my own bed is nice.
    Not everyone likes sharing a bed either.

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  2. My ex and I did that. I missed a warm body at night but he woke up at 3 in the morning for work. Which meant I woke up because he would often sleep through his alarm. I have a lot of health issues and it’s extremely important that I get decent quality sleep. Soon the lack of sleep was effecting my illnesses so we started to sleep in separate rooms.

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  3. We bought our first bed after we’d been on holiday together in Italy and slept in a ‘letto matrimonio’, a massive bed of two singles stuck together. You don’t get the sag in the middle that happens with big single mattresses, there’s plenty of room on either half for, you know, and you get your own space back afterwards. Perfect.

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  4. For me I think it’s nice to have your own space and also it’s great that sleeping together is a choice they can make and not something they have to do because they share a room. I would love to stay with my boyfriend and have two rooms.

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