The Office-Irish version

Hi everyone! Hope you’re getting through the week alright ha.

This is my eight week in the new job so I thought I would let you know how I’m getting on and tell you a bit about the characters in the office.

The Job

It’s similar to what I was doing in administration but on a much larger scale a few more responsibilities.

The Office

In the last job there was four of us in a small room. Here it’s a big open plan office with up to thirty people in it on any given day. This includes the directors and C.E.O who sit only two rows over! I’m always conscious when I’m talking on the phone because everyone hears everything.

The boss

There is five people on my team including my boss. He reminds me of David Brent from the office. He likes to be one of the lads, cool. He loves his meetings. Team meetings, one to ones, loves ’em. He always talks about the last place he worked for. “Back in *company* we did this and that”. All in all, he’s pretty easy going for a boss.



She’s a little quirky. At one of the meetings she asked to read out some of her poems and invites us to her art exhibitions. She also sends random emails out to everyone in the office about silly things. She’s quite nice though, helpful.


Like me Danny moved from a different department to here. He’s lovely but likes to take it easy. As soon as the boss is gone he’s on his trail, out the door and home. The first day our boss was on holidays he called in sick.


She sits beside me and is really nice and helpful. She’s also a bit mad but that just makes the day more interesting ha.


The woman who interviewed me for the job is actually so nice, we get on really well. I think we had actually both been nervous in the interview!

The Clique

Honest to God, it’s something straight out of Mean Girls, except half of them are male. They sit at the “head table” in the canteen and if anyone else is there when they come in they all have a face on them. One of the lads is a real hipster, the girls all eat nothing and are skinny. Seriously, one day one of them had a bowl of rocket leaves and some berries…….?! They never invite the rest of us to go for lunch. They have the newest phones, clothes, etc. Three sit near me and the rest come over for ‘the bants’. One day they guy beside me got some runners delivered to the office and they all swarmed over to discuss them. And it’s not a simple “yeah they’re nice” or “I don’t like them”. They discussed the price, colour, delivery time, if they squeeked, even comparing them to one of the other lad’s runners. All three feet from my desk.

The IT guy

If you’re not aware of IT guy, here you go:

I sit beside him. As in back to back. You can’t get closer than that! Turns out he’s part of the clique. Only talking to me or Danny when the others aren’t around. No shoulder squeezing going on here. I hate myself for still liking him a little…just a teeny bit. Again though, he’s only interested in talking when I play it cool. One day I wasn’t giving him any attention and when I was on a late lunch (everyone else was back at work) he came in and sat down with me! To talk to me I think but I’m fed up of this hot & cold act. (What do you guys think??)

Do I like it?

Yes! It can be stressful sometimes but the job is great and once I got to working in such a big office I was grand. Everyday is different. And I’m definitely happy to be gone from the horrible environment in the other office.



Bré x






4 thoughts on “The Office-Irish version

  1. Good read. I have an office full of mean girls too except in their delusional little world, you are excluded if you don’t ride a horse and know allll about being a cowgirl. They feel this is the world’s reality when in “normal world”, they are the odd man out. I think you should share some of Julie’s poems with us.

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