Why I didn’t go to my crush’s party

Almost Friday people!

OK, so I wanted to share something with you all. A while back I received an invite on Facebook to (one of) my crush’s 30th birthday party. He worked in the warehouse in my old job. I’m not exaggerating when I say that when he walked by the window in our office my heart skipped. He always wore bright coloured tops so you could see him out of the corner of your eye. He’s a lovely fella, all the women say so ha. He would always chat to me in the canteen.

You would think that getting an invite to his party would make me happy and that I’d want to go. But maybe I should give you a bit more information first. I added him on Facebook and he accepted. The great (or bad, depending how you look at it) thing about Facebook is that everyone adds people they’ve just met so it doesn’t seem as stalkerish adding him ha. He left the job for a while and one day I liked a picture of his and within thirty seconds he messaged me: “You’s miss me yet?” My heart stopped. But after a couple of messages he didn’t write back. From Facebook pictures I knew what pub he usually went to. I was delighted when my friend decided to have her birthday celebrations there one weekend. I made sure to make myself look pretty and was disappointed when he didn’t show. We ended up leaving and heading down the road to our own local.

I could not believe my eyes. There he was, in my local! We said hi and I could tell he was pretty drunk. He whispered to my friend “she fancies me doesn’t she?” I clearly wasn’t good at hiding it. When we got chatting a while later at the end of the night he said something that broke my heart. What breaks every female’s heart who has a crush; no matter age. “Your mate’s a cracker”. I said my goodbyes without looking upset and we went home. He messaged me on FB the next day, saying he barely remembered the night.

I saw him one more night after that. While chatting to him he asked me if I wanted a drink. Maybe he does like me? Before we could go the bar, while I was in the middle of a story, he turned around, looked back and said “my girlfriend is looking at you”. Again I said goodbye and walked away. Not only did he have a girlfriend so there was no point pursuing him but he was trying to start some sort of drama by saying his girlfriend is eyeing me up. He messaged me the next day. I felt like he knew I liked him but he messaged me playing on my crush anyway.

So here we are. The FB invite. Another thing about FB is that people invite everyone on it to things. Try to make up the numbers. I wouldn’t know anyone at it which means I would have to bring friends. (Which he messaged me-“you can bring your mates”) That just made it clear to me that perhaps he wanted my friend to come, more so than me.

So I decided not to go. I can’t even remember what I did instead. Probably not even anything too exciting. But one thing is for sure. I didn’t go and inevitably end up feeling miserable because he still doesn’t fancy me back.



Bré x






4 thoughts on “Why I didn’t go to my crush’s party

  1. You’re damn right not to have gone. I’ve been in quite a similar situation. Really liked this guy on my course, he said he wasn’t going to be getting with anyone until the year had finished so it wasn’t awkward. I said fair enough. Turned out he’d been with two of the other girls on the course before I’d found out that really, he’d heard I’d liked him and was stringing me along, to see how long he could get out of it.

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    • In my experience when a guy says they don’t want to be in relationship, they just mean they don’t want to be with you. Happened to me more than once. I used to think “maybe if we keep seeing each other they’ll change their mind.” They never do. And I don’t hang around any more.

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    • Yeah I think it’s an age thing but also a “guy thing” They don’t usually like confrontation and it’s easier to say they don’t want a relationship than to point out they just don’t want to be with you and fear the repercussions.


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