The Crush

Every time you talk I want to answer you,

let you know I feel the same

but I’m not part of it so I stay quiet.

I had gotten over you

until I had to see you everyday.

Convincing myself we’d be great together

I thought there was something between us.

I know now that’s not true.


You seem wiser than your years

and at the same time you act your young age.

I refuse to be your pal when the others aren’t around.

I love your cheeky smile.

I felt bad ignoring you in the canteen

Were you trying to make an effort

Maybe even a move?

I remind myself you’ve had chances

and passed them up.


So I’ll do my work, answer you politely

give attitude when you warrant it.

You do your work, laugh with the clique.

I’ll keep secretly hoping to find a message

from you on Facebook.


Bré x


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