Blogger night out with IBA

Hi everyone! So if you follow my Snapchat (@breesanchezz) you will know that last week the Irish Bloggers Association (IBA) were invited by Oscar’s Bar and Kitchen to try out their menu and have a couple of drinks. It was only my second blogger meet up and I was really excited to meet some more fellow bloggers.

When I arrived I was greeted with a gin cocktail which was yummy, and not too strong. There were a lot of bloggers there and I was a bit like a deer in headlights. Not sure where to sit I went to say hello to Fiona first. Fiona runs the IBA and she is very friendly. She led me to a table and introduced me to everyone.


I sat down and discovered this table was food bloggers. When you’re there to try a tasting menu this is a good thing. They knew a lot more about food than me and they were lovely! Their blogs are a real mix so I suggest checking them out. (I’ll post all the links at the end to their blogs and to the restaurant)

The food was all different and was presented differently. They had a lot of vegetarian options because one of the girls at our table was vegetarian and they made sure she had something for each course.

The staff were all so friendly. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. It really makes a difference to your experience whether it’s a fancy restaurant or the cinema. They also knew a lot about the food. There was none of this throw the plates on the table and run. They explained what was in each dish, how it was cooked and offered a drink that would compliment it.

There was also a singer who really set the mood with a mix of blues/swing. The decor is really nice and the atmosphere is chilled.

My favourite dish would have to be the steak. I usually wouldn’t order it but it was delicious so it might be my new choice ha. Then the dessert came out. Danny the waiter was hilarious. After serving them he told us “Jesus himself would say ‘you deserve this'”. It was beautiful and was served with a dessert wine.

I had a really great time in good company. It’s nice chatting to other bloggers because it’s such a diverse community. The food was amazing and we were not short of drinks ha.

I have to suggest Oscar’s for my friends next dinner date. We love trying new places and Rose is vegetarian and Edie is Vegan. Oh and how could I forget the little gift we got when leaving. They really went above and beyond to accommodate us.


Here is the links for you guys to check out:


Bré x



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