My writings on the Angry Birds movie

Hi everyone! So on Sunday I brought my nephews (8,12) to see Angry Birds. I’m sure most of you know about the game Angry Birds and I was definitely one who played it a lot!

What’s it about?

The film stars Jason Sudeikis as Red,  a bird who lives on the outskirt of Bird Island who has problems with anger. When the Pigs come from Piggy Island to explore he is the only one who is suspicious of them. However when the pigs true plans are revealed, the other happy go lucky birds must be like Red and get angry to stop them.

What I liked about it?

When I first heard they were doing the film I was like “how will they make a story line out of it?” but the plot is actually good. You get to see all the characters from the game. There is a lot of funny bits and even some jokes for the adults that fly over kids heads.

What I didn’t like?

There wasn’t really anything to dislike. Most children’s films don’t give you high expectations as serious films may do.

Should you go see it?

If you have kids, they will definitely love it. Even young kids because there are a lot of colours and action going on. If you are an adult but like funny, silly kids movies, you will love it too. I do suggest going to a late showing to avoid the very young kids.




Bré x


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