My writings on Hush

Hi everyone! OK so I know my reviews are usually about films from the cinema but on Thursday I found time to chill and watch a horror on Netflix. I know it sounds silly but recently I’m finding it harder to have time to watch a good film on Netflix. Most of the time after work, blogging, cooking and any other ‘adult’ tasks when I sit down to watch Netflix I end up watching the same old TV shows so I can let me mind go on autopilot.

I saw this film on Netflix  and the description done nothing for me. Then by chance while watching trailers on Youtube so I watched it. I was hooked and had to watch it.

What’s it about?

In simple terms it’s about Maddie who is deaf and dumb and some mad man breaks in and gets off on the whole thing. Watch the trailer, tell me what you think.

What I liked about it?

I love home invasion films and films where the victims fight back. The suspense is really good and I felt tense for most of the film. The idea of her not being able to speak or hear is really good and so scary. For example (without spoiling too much), in the scene in the trailer where he comes inside and takes her phone, just before that it shows Maddie and the door sliding behind her and she doesn’t move and your just like “WTF” It’s so good. I like the bad guys character too.

What I didn’t like?

OK, so I’m going to contradict myself here by using the same scene as an example for something I didn’t like. I think there could have been less sound. In some scenes we could hear a very low sound, obviously to show you what Maddie was hearing. Then in the scene I wrote about above, we can hear the door sliding when he comes in. I feel it would have been even more tense if we just saw the door open in silence and him walking around behind her. There is a scene like that near the end with no sound and oh my, it was brilliant.

Should you watch it?

Yes! I thought it was so good! If you like the home invasion films or horrors in general then check it out. And the ending won’t disappoint you.

Let me know what you guys think 🙂



Bré x


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