When I was 14 I shaved my eyebrows

It was summer and we were hanging out in my friends estate. There was us few, the lads and another small group of girls we hung out with too sometimes. The other girls started talking about one of the girl’s eyebrows because she had got them done. They were really thin.They all kept saying how lovely they were. No one said anything to me but when I went home and looked in the mirror all I could see where two dark bushy brows. I thought about that pretty girl, and the other pretty girls saying how nice her eyebrows were. I thought about the boys standing around as the girls said this. Including the boy I fancied.

So I took the razor and I “groomed them”. I actually thought I could use a blade to evenly and symmetrically shape my eyebrows. To say I failed was an understatement. I basically shaved the ends off so they looked like two black blocks. I hid from my mother the next morning and ran down to my friends. She started laughing as I lifted the baseball cap up to show her. I wore it for the rest of the day. Oh did I forget to mention it was Good Friday? And that my friend’s mother made her go to church. So she said she’d go down with me. I had to go into church, take my baseball cap off and sit there with my head down. Luckily my friend told us we could leave after ten minutes because it meant she could tell her mother who she saw at mass and she would believe that we went ha.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t ask my mam to bring me to get them waxed or something. I was barely shaving my legs and I guess I was too embarrassed to ask. And in that moment I hated them and wanted them gone. This post originally came to mind as just a funny embarrassing story to share but when I got thinking I saw a little deeper. I tried to make my eyebrows look like the other girls. To fit in. Looking back, the boys weren’t even listening. They didn’t even notice her brows.

When I was 19 I plucked them into thin little pencil lines. I cringe looking back but they were the trend at the time. I even remember my friend asking me to do hers like that. When I look back at photos as a preteen I had beautiful full brows and I wish I had never touched them. Fortunately in my early twenties I became more comfortable with my full dark brows and now I would never change them. Even today the trend is basically to have non existent brows and draw the perfect shape with make up. But I am over the trends. In fact I don’t actually let anyone else touch my brows now ha.

And it’s not just me. As a beauty therapist I met women of all ages who regret shaving or plucking their brows to fit in with trends because they no longer grew for them. I have actually said to friends I would hate to be a teenager now because there is a lot more pressure now to conform to the trends. You need to be happy with your own features. Make sure to go somewhere reputable that will shape them to compliment your face. This goes for more than just brows too. Be careful what trends you follow for make up, your body, diets, everything.

Well I think that’s enough preaching haha.

Have a great Sunday!

Bré x


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