The Irish Office-Episode 2

Hi everyone! You all seemed so interested when I wrote about my new job and the office ( ) so I thought I’d let you know what else has happened!

On the road

Part of my new job involves taking over the accounts in Northern Ireland. This meant that last week me and my boss had to go to Armagh for me to get trained. Two hours in a car with my boss up and back. What on earth would we talk about? Linda who had to go up before said it’s grand. Mainly because the boss just keeps talking. She said I’d find out all about his wife. I thought she was joking. She wasn’t. I had heard she kept him on a tight leash, and that she ruled the roost. But he basically told me it. He was even late picking me up because as he was walking out the door she told him to watch the kids while she had a shower (surely she knew he had to leave early because he goes to Armagh once a month!). He told me that she doesn’t work because she’s at home with the kids (although she didn’t work before that either) but when he gets home he has to cook dinner and she tells him what to cook. He does the cleaning etc too. Apparently the reason he couldn’t do the walk ( ) was because had to cook dinners for their holiday the next day! He tells the lads in work and they all think he’s mad.

The deli

There is nothing around our office but a little dinky deli. Nothing fancy. They got a new girl in and although she is lovely she can’t make a wrap to save her life. There’s never enough on it and one day I even made a point of saying nicely “oh can I get extra cheese on it?” “sure!”..Nope. Half of my roll had cheese. Linda is gas, she says skinny girls shouldn’t work behind counters because they don’t know proper proportions haha!

IT guy

Want to get over a crush? Start working with them. Seriously. He moans about everything. It’s too cold, too warm, we’re making too much noise, the phones vibrate too loud. Honestly, how did he seem so much more fun in my old office?

The clique

Yesterday they talked about how good a cake was (that someone brought in- people are always bringing in cake). For ten minutes. Ten minutes! I mean I like cake as much as anyone else but just shut up and eat it. Then today one of the girls was on the phone to someone and made a mistake and said “oh sorry that’s the blonde” and the rest started laughing “she’s hilarious”. Well firstly how is she funny that joke is so old. Secondly it’s a bad joke.

Oh and remember the table they love to sit at. I genuinely think it’s a compulsion at this point. We were sitting there the other day because we went on lunch early (I don’t even know why I’m trying to justify why we were sitting there). They all came in and started sitting in beside us. OK at a push, this table is designed for eight people. There were now twelve of us at it. Feckin’ twelve. Just sit at another table! I wouldn’t mind if they even included us in conversation but they don’t, so why sit with us?


Danny is still leaving as soon as the boss does (which can be up to two hours early). Recently he told me he is actually on probation because he called in sick a lot before his transfer. I would think that would be a good reason to make a good impression now. He seems to like the job but I’m not sure.

OK well that’s enough for this episode ha.

Bré x


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