Lads, some tips for your Tinder profile

OK so I downloaded Tinder again. (I’ll never learn) After flicking through the different profiles some thoughts came to my head. So lads, if you want to get anywhere on Tinder I suggest you follow these tips (ladies, pay attention too).

Your photos

Let’s face it, Tinder is about appearances. So make sure your photos are up to scratch.

  • Have at least one non-group photo.. This isn’t Where’s Wally.
  • Have something other than selfies up. We want to know you’re not vain, have friends and a life.
  • Tinder is not Facebook. No need to upload all your holiday snaps.
  • No naked/topless photos. Again, you just look vain and sleazy.
  • Don’t upload photos that look suspiciously like a couple. Potential girlfriends don’t want to see that.
  • Use recent photos and for the love of God look the same in all your photos.
  • Don’t use glamour shots- this screams Catfish.
  • Avoid smokes hanging from the mouth, photos of weed and general ‘up yours’ gestures.
  • No children in photos please. If you have children fine, mention it in your bio, but no need to put their photos on an online dating site!
  • Again, don’t put photos of kids up with the caption “not my child”. It’s not funny it’s just weird.
  • Smile- you automatically look more attractive.

Your profile

  • So the more information you put up on your bio, the easier it is for people to know whether you have stuff in common. More importantly it gives people something to message you about!
  • Put something funny in your profile, maybe something a little cheeky.
  • TV shows are always a good one too. A guy messaged me a quote from one of my favourite episodes of It’s Always Sunny and I fell hard for him.
  • Oh, and have your real name up. Seriously.


  • Do not, I repeat do not message “hey” “what’s up” or use “sexy” “hun” or any “xx”. Put a little effort in. It’ll pay off.
  • This comes back to the bio. Pick something out from their profile and start a conversation. Let it go from there. If they don’t have anything up, again, how interesting could they be? Do you really wanna waste time there?
  • If you really don’t know what to write, why not send a cheesey joke? If you can make a girl laugh and all that.
  • Send something random, show off your weird personality. Weird is sexy.

Good intentions

OK so a lot of people (from both sexes) are just looking to hook up. That’s cool. You do you, boo. But don’t waste my time when I’ve made it clear I’m not interested in just sex. Tell me your intentions from the start and we can part on good terms, quickly.

So there you go guys and gals. Now go forth and upgrade those lame ass profiles. Find the love of your life, marry and have cute little babies. Sorry getting ahead of myself!


Bré x


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