So I accidentally joined slimming World

So yesterday I went to give blood like I do every three months or so (backdoor mention that if you can give blood please do!) They hold a mobile clinic in the local hotel. I went in and done the usual paperwork and then got checked to see if my iron was high enough. It wasn’t. Well that was that. No donating today.

On my way out I noticed there was a Slimming World being held in the room next door. I thought it was a sign I suppose. I’ve been grumbling about my weight the last few months. Not only have I not lost any but I’ve been slowly gaining some. Some of my favourite clothes are getting too tight. My holiday is in four weeks and I feel like a heffelump some mornings. My sister told me to try Slimming World or Weight Watchers and I kept putting it off. I’ve been in both and yes they do work if you stick to them. So I went in there and then and joined.

I was weighted in at 15St 4.5. That’s over a stone more since last year. All the junk food and laziness has caught up and it’s time to face the music. If you were looking at me and I told you my weight you wouldn’t believe me. And that’s part of the problem. I’m 5′ 10″ and can carry weight better than someone at let’s say 5′ 5″. So over the years I’ve gotten comfortable when people say I don’t look like I could weight X amount. And now here we are.

I’ve put myself in the mind set to lose some weight. I feel like if I write it up here I’ll have to do it ha. My short term target is to lose a little weight for my holiday. Bigger target is my birthday in November. Overall target? To get to 11St, fingers crossed. I’ve never been tiny, it’s physically impossible. If anyone out there does Slimming World please let me know your secrets haha. If I get a bit confident I’ll upload before and after photos as I go…we’ll see ha.



Bré x


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