My writings on Blair Witch

Hi everyone, happy Monday!

OK so on Friday I went to see a surprise horror movie in the Odeon Blanchardstown. I was so excited. Popcorn, horror and a surprise- what’s not to love. And it turned out to be Blair Witch!


What’s it about?

If you haven’t seen The Blair Witch Project (what is wrong with you) this is the direct sequel. James and group of friends head in the woods of Maryland to try find out what happened to his sister Heather all those years ago. As you can guess, they are tormented along the same lines as the original. While TBWP was one of the first found footage films to haunt us, this is an updated version with more advanced ways of recording your torment.

What I liked about it?

Oh my Gosh it was brilliant. We all know by now I love horrors, but for the most part they don’t particularly “scare” me, unless they’re really good or really messed up. Blair Witch SCARED me. I could feel myself getting anxious coming towards the end. And the ending didn’t disappoint.

What I didn’t like about it?

Nothing. I loved all off it.

Should you go see it?

YES! Whether you liked the original or not, you need to check this out. Don’t you wanna find out if they find Heather? Huh?


Bré x