When I was 14 I shaved my eyebrows

It was summer and we were hanging out in my friends estate. There was us few, the lads and another small group of girls we hung out with too sometimes. The other girls started talking about one of the girl’s eyebrows because she had got them done. They were really thin.They all kept saying how lovely they were. No one said anything to me but when I went home and looked in the mirror all I could see where two dark bushy brows. I thought about that pretty girl, and the other pretty girls saying how nice her eyebrows were. I thought about the boys standing around as the girls said this. Including the boy I fancied.

So I took the razor and I “groomed them”. I actually thought I could use a blade to evenly and symmetrically shape my eyebrows. To say I failed was an understatement. I basically shaved the ends off so they looked like two black blocks. I hid from my mother the next morning and ran down to my friends. She started laughing as I lifted the baseball cap up to show her. I wore it for the rest of the day. Oh did I forget to mention it was Good Friday? And that my friend’s mother made her go to church. So she said she’d go down with me. I had to go into church, take my baseball cap off and sit there with my head down. Luckily my friend told us we could leave after ten minutes because it meant she could tell her mother who she saw at mass and she would believe that we went ha.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t ask my mam to bring me to get them waxed or something. I was barely shaving my legs and I guess I was too embarrassed to ask. And in that moment I hated them and wanted them gone. This post originally came to mind as just a funny embarrassing story to share but when I got thinking I saw a little deeper. I tried to make my eyebrows look like the other girls. To fit in. Looking back, the boys weren’t even listening. They didn’t even notice her brows.

When I was 19 I plucked them into thin little pencil lines. I cringe looking back but they were the trend at the time. I even remember my friend asking me to do hers like that. When I look back at photos as a preteen I had beautiful full brows and I wish I had never touched them. Fortunately in my early twenties I became more comfortable with my full dark brows and now I would never change them. Even today the trend is basically to have non existent brows and draw the perfect shape with make up. But I am over the trends. In fact I don’t actually let anyone else touch my brows now ha.

And it’s not just me. As a beauty therapist I met women of all ages who regret shaving or plucking their brows to fit in with trends because they no longer grew for them. I have actually said to friends I would hate to be a teenager now because there is a lot more pressure now to conform to the trends. You need to be happy with your own features. Make sure to go somewhere reputable that will shape them to compliment your face. This goes for more than just brows too. Be careful what trends you follow for make up, your body, diets, everything.

Well I think that’s enough preaching haha.

Have a great Sunday!

Bré x


Just a funny little story..

Hi all! I apologise for the absenteeism ha. I’ve been working like mad and then spent last weekend at Forbidden Fruit. Then my internet was acting the maggot this week blah blah blah.. You don’t care (I barely care). Anyway I’m back on track with lots of blog posts coming this weekend. I hope you all enjoy.

But I wanted to share this cute story with you. I was chatting to a lady, Barbara about nails the other day. She had lovely long nails and she told me she used to be a bad nail biter as a child. Then when she was about twelve her father told her a new girl started in his office. She had lovely long nails and all the boys fancied her. So then from that moment on Barbara never bit her nails again! Haha talk about motivation!


Bré x

My writings on So Sue Me workshop

Hi everyone! I thought I’d let you know how last Sunday went. I hope you enjoy.

When So Sue Me announced her Dublin/Kildare workshop I was on two minds about whether I wanted to go. The tickets were €75 and I didn’t really have it laying around. My friend Alex is a big fan of hers and she really wanted to go but I told her I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t paid till the end of the month. A couple days later, she text me a picture of her computer screen. She had booked the two tickets and told me not to worry about paying it back in a hurry. So that was the decision made!

Where was it on?

It was in the Osprey Hotel in Naas. The hotel was lovely and all the staff were really friendly. The room was set out with tables of ten. There was the nail station where you could get your nails done with the SoSu colours. There was a sweet cart too. You can check it out here:


How it went?

So as usual, we were a few minutes late to the workshop and it was packed, which meant we had to sit separately. Fortunately because of the talks and demonstrations I didn’t really notice, plus the girls I was sat with were nice. Suzanne began by talking about how she began her blog. She talked about not knowing what to do when she finished school and all the bumps along the way. I saw similarities in my own life. There is nothing worse for young people than the expectation of having to know what you want to do with your life. It can be made worse when all your friends seem to have their sh*t together. “You can be successful at any age, you can become successful at 50” She gave tips and advice on how to start your own blog. This was my favourite part of the workshop.

Next she done a demonstration on how to use her SoSu contour palette. This has become a huge thing, with chemists selling out in a day. I don’t have it yet but am not sure whether to get it. I’m not huge into make up and definitely not the best when it comes to techniques like contouring. The model was her younger sister Katie and she only done half her face. You can definitely see the difference it makes.

After this, was a talk by Rob Lipsett on fitness and nutrition. I’m not going to comment on this because I had no interest in it. I took this time to go get my nails painted. I love my purples and chose ‘Great Gatsby’.


When my nails were done lunch was announced. There was tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes. Suzanne told us to ask for more if we were still hungry. I made my way to the table but only one plate of sandwiches were there and they were all gone. The girl beside me asked for more and the girl told her she wasn’t sure there was more. A little bit later there was no sign so I asked a different staff member who said they’d check. The cakes were lovely but seeing as it was a long day I would have preferred something more substantial. No more sandwiches came so I ended up having 4 of the little cakes but it just made me feel sick. I filled up on tea. I heard a girl at my table say she was starving. There was loads of cakes left over which was a terrible waste. I would suggest making more food next time and less treats.


After lunch there was a fashion show with clothes from River Island, Wallis and Karen Millen. I quickly realised I wouldn’t afford Karen Millen or Wallis so I found myself shutting off when those looks came out. Suzanne suggested a gorgeous dress from KM that was over €200 as an outfit for the office. Now maybe there were other women there that could afford that but me and my friend certainly couldn’t. I did enjoy seeing how she paired the different clothes together but would have liked to see a more affordable store like New Look, Penneys or H&M.

Next she had two more make up demonstrations by Sinead Murphy and Michelle Regazzoli Stone. They were nice and Michelle is very funny. It was interesting to see the techniques and looks different make up artists use. Susan Tolan from Monica Tolan in Balbriggan also gave a talk about their skincare range Environ which is based on Vitamin A. (Apparently we should all be taking Vitamin A for our skin and general health-I shall be checking that out!)

There was also a raffle in aid of an animal charity. There were also prizes for best dressed, best tweet and the Osprey also gave away a night for best tweet. Suzanne is actually very funny and I don’t think it comes across in her snaps or blog. Her family were all very friendly. We were chatting to her mother who was giving out that Suzanne was swearing. I suppose it just shows she’s still just a normal girl with an Irish mammy.

When the workshop was over you could go up and meet Suzanne. We were waiting about 30 minutes and there was still loads behind us too. But Suzanne smiled and greeted everyone who went up. She took photos, signed books and chatted. When we went up she asked us what our favourite part was and took photos together and separately. Her sister Katie took them for us and I joked that they would look better because the kids these days knew the angles and filters to use ha. Alex asked Sue if she was discontinuing her old polishes as she was looking for three of them. I pointed out that Alex had every other polish, her books and make up. Suzanne seemed delighted and told Alex to go down and give her details to Dylan and she would send them to her for free. How nice! You can tell she appreciates her followers and she thanked us for coming and supporting her.

We also went home with a goody bag with lots of different stuff (as seen on my Snapchat @breesanchezz) here’s a couple of snaps!

Overall it was a great day out with Alex and I learned a good bit about make up and blogging. Oh and a week later my polish is still perfect!


Bré x

Warning-I’m going to moan a bit

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Didn’t get up to much myself today but have exciting plans tomorrow. I’m heading to Suzanne Jackson’s workshop which I will be writing about after 🙂

So this happened last Saturday but I’ve been thinking about it all week and you know what? If I can’t use my blog to vent then what is the point? So here it is:

For any of you who don’t know (which is basically all of you) I have short hair. Like Ruby Rose/Miley Cyrus hair. I love it but the shaved bits grow so quick. It costs me €25 to go to a hairdressers to get it done. I don’t need it trimmed every 2/3 weeks only shaved. So I thought I would see if I could ask one of the local barbers to  shave the side and this is probably €10 which means I could afford to call in every 2/3 weeks. Yes I’m being cheap, because I’m poor. I promise when I’m rich and famous I’ll spend more- actually I wouldn’t spend more I’d just tip even more.

So on Saturday I went into a barbers. There were three women cutting three men’s hair. I stood there for a minute until one of them finally acknowledged me.

  • You OK?
  • Hiya, yeah I was just wondering if you would shave my hair?
  • This is a barbers.
  • Oh I know yeah, so you wouldn’t? (Went to walk out)
  • (Second woman) Like we wouldn’t be able to blend that.
  • Ah no like it’s just the razor.
  • (First woman) Is it just an undercut?
  • Yeah it’s just the sides.
  • (Second woman) No we couldn’t do that.
  • Alright that’s grand (went to walk out)
  • (Second woman) Like it’s four years for mean and four for women (training)
  • Well it’s just a razor but it’s grand.

And I left, feeling a little humiliated. Their tone was so snarky. If you want to say you’re a traditional barber and won’t serve women fine. I could live with that. But what annoyed me is that they were trying to convince me that it was because shaving my hair was different than a man. You need different training to shave a head if there boobs attached t the body. In all reality though my haircut is a boy’s haircut so even if I did need it blended you obviously aren’t a good barber if you can’t do it!




Bré x





My writings on Soap Pretty

Hi everyone!

If you saw my post on the Screamvention last month ( https://t.co/rbbsJYcUgJ ) you would see that I discovered a company called Soap Pretty. We actually looked at them because all their beauty products are vegan friendly and my friend Edie is Vegan. I picked up a lip scrub and fell in love. I found them on Facebook.


They actually had a competition so I entered it but could not believe it when I won! A few days later my lovely package arrived 🙂



It contained soaps, scrubs, lotion and a bath bomb. The products and the packaging is super cute!

Firstly I tell you about the Poisoned Apple Lib Scrub I bought at the convention. It smells amazing like a childhood sweet I can’t put my finger on. You put just a tiny bit on your lips and rub them together and it scrubs away dead skin. It is also edible so you just lick away the residue. I ended up just putting it on to eat haha. The scrub is €4.90.


Next thing I used was the  Loco Lotion and Loco Motion body scrub. They have lime and coconut and smell INCREDIBLE. I’ve been using them on my face once a week and on my left elbow because I can get quite dry and flakey there. Apart from the smell they do wonders for your skin. My face always feels so soft and silky after using them. These are €8 each.

There was the Naked Avocado soap but I haven’t used this one yet. I used the Summer Of Love soap first. Enclosed in my shower the smell reminded me of a Calypso ice pop. It was lovely! I also used the Cordelia soap which has oatmeal so it’s bitty and gets at rough or dry skin. (If you’ve sensitive skin maybe reconsider this one)The soaps are €7.50 each.

You really only need to use a small bit of each product so they really last. I actually broke the soaps in half too. I emailed Melissa from Soap Pretty and she told me they do deliver internationally in case anyone wants to order. They also do some funny horror themed items like “It puts the lotion on the skin” lotion.

I wanted to let you know about Soap Pretty because I was so happy with the products.My favourite product is the Poisoned Apple lib scrub and Loca Lotion. If you order anything please let me know what you think 🙂



Bré x

Celebrating Valentine’s when you’re single

Hi Ladies, I’m posting this today because I’m bringing my friend away tomorrow night. (Can’t wait to post on that 😀 )

Ok, so to cut to the chase, I have made a list of things to do on Valentine’s for the single girl(s) ranging from a variety of activities. So let’s jump right in.

  1. Do nothing. I’m just saying this first to get it out of the way. V-Day is on a Sunday this year and if like me you work Monday to Friday you will be in bed early haha. But if also like me you use any excuse to go out or do something fun keep reading.

Going solo

2. Have a duvet day. Get junk food, some cheesey movies (or whatever the hell kinda films you like) and just flake! Obviously you can do this with your friends too. Hell you could do this with your boyfriend. Cheap and cosy.

3. Offer to babysit for a couple who rarely get to go out together. Be the cool aunt. Plus then they owe you a favour 😉

4. Check out a gig or film you really want to see and go! (Bear in mind you may be surrounded by couples).

5. Buy yourself a gift. I’m not saying buy flowers and pretend they’re from someone. But why not spoil yourself? Been eyeing up those shoes or earrings? Happy Valentine’s me!

6. Volunteer. Sure fire way to feel good by helping others.

7. Visit a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while.

8. Have a pamper day. Penneys have awesome little treats like face masks, hand treatments etc. Again, you can do this alone or with the girls.

9. Let someone else pamper you. If you have the money why not? Check out Pigsback or Groupon and get a deal! Again, you can ask the girls to join. (Bear in mind most salons don’t open Sunday but heck, do it Saturday!)

All the single ladies

10. Go for a fancy ass dinner (again bear in mind that you will be surrounded by couples) or something cheap like Eddie’s (you’re still gonna be surrounded by couples).

11. Go away for the night. Again check out the discount websites and get a good deal. They usually include dinner/breakfast and shopping/spa credit.

12. The Chain Gang are performing in Club Viva Athlone on Valentine’s night. Ladies I saw this show last year, it is so fun! If you can organise to go you definitely should! Here is the link http://thechaingangshow.com/our-strippers/

13. There is a singles party for 30-45 year olds on the 13th in Howl at the moon. Tickets are €15 and can be bought here http://www.getout.ie/Singles-Parties.cfm?CatID=6

14. The next two posts are on McGowans of Phibsboro. As you know I have already gone to one of their monthly singles nights and I loved it! They are holding one on the 14th and looks to be a great one! It is free, you can register here https://www.facebook.com/mcgowansclub

15. McGowans are also holding a speed dating event on Saturday 13th. If you checked out my Single Girl’s Bucket List, you will know this is on my list so Ihave persuaded my friends to go with me. See you there!

16. Singles night in the Gallagher Hotel, Letterkenny on the 13th. Check it out here https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/valentines-singles-night-tickets-20811916001?aff=es2

17. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind showing in Dublin. Dinner option available too. Tickets here https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/no-love-lost-valentines-dinner-eternal-sunshine-of-the-spotless-mind-screening-tickets-21064259768?aff=es2

18. Cupid’s cherubs- This look like a gant sleep over but it looks cool. Check it out here https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/cupids-cherubs-tickets-20711608980?aff=es2

19. The Old Burough in Swords is also doing speed dating on the 14th. https://www.facebook.com/Theoldborough/

20. Another speed dating event is being held in Reilly’s bar in Ardee on the 12th. This is for charity, they are raising money for the ISPCC. Always a good cause! https://www.facebook.com/events/1696262843985491/

Well there you go guys, I hope there is something there that interests. I tried to include a couple of things from outside of Dublin. Whatever you decide to do, have fun 🙂

Bré x






Catherine’s Terrific 30th!

Hi everyone!!!!

Happy Monday! The weekend goes so fast doesn’t it? Well Saturday I was flying around because it was Catherine’s 30th that night! I thought I’d let you know how it went 🙂

That morning after babysitting I went to get my nails done. I was so excited because I normally do my own and wanted a bit of pampering. A girl I used to work with has done them for me before so I booked her. To my horror I arrived at her house at 2pm and no one was there!! Rang and texted but no response so I spent 30 minutes ringing around all the local salons but no where had an appointment at that time. It began to get too late as I had my hair appointment at 4 so I just went to boots and prayed they had stick on nails with a design. They did! I got Elegant Touch ones with a black and gold design. I loved them, it’s amazing how far stick on nails have come over the years. They were €12.50.


Next I had to fly over to my hairdressers to get it cut and styled. My hair is short, I have it styled like Ruby Rose for anyone interested ha! After this I had to pick up Becca and head over to Catherine. We went to get our make up done in Inglot in Liffey Valley. I was booked with this girl Sarah who was lovely! She asked me everything I wanted. I told her what I was wearing and that I wanted a nude lip and left the rest up to her! Now I’ve gotten my make done a few times here and this was by far my most favourite time. I was IN LOVE with my eyes. The colours were amazing and the highlighting around them was too. Everyone kept saying my eyes were gorgeous all night. I joked that it’s not vain to say my eyes are amazing because I didn’t do them haha! I picked up the nude lipstick she used and the colour corrector primer in yellow. My cheeks can be very red sometimes and I find when I do my make up you can still see it but with this it was flawless! I didn’t want to take it off!!!!

The bag it comes in is so cute (I’m a sucker for cute bags and silly things like that ha).

Here is a picture of my eyes (sorry for the quality of some photos, I don’t know how to use filters yet -that came as a shock to my friend ha).


We were all delighted with our make up! We headed to Catherine’s to get ready and have a drink(s) before heading to the party. I wore the dress my sister bought me for Christmas. Love love love it 🙂


So she had her party in the Silver Granite in Palmerstown. She had an area reserved and decorated. There were old school goodies on the table- flying saucers, black jacks, and glow sticks! Her brother’s girlfriend had an old school Polaroid taking pictures. Catherine also had a wish jar, where everyone could write a birthday message or wishes and put it in the jar. So adorable!


There was a band on called Tequila Rose performing. They played a wide range of songs but all in an upbeat style. Here’s a link, check ’em out!

The night was brilliant, loads turned up and I’m glad. Catherine kept joking saying it’s not a party party and I think it was because she was nervous people wouldn’t show (aren’t we all!) We spent the night between chatting and catching up with everyone, dancing and  going to the bathroom to take selfies in the big mirror lol.

Some of us went back to her house for a drink and I had planned to stay. It was 4.30am crawling to bed and we woke up at 10.30am! We felt a bit rocky so after a cup of tea and curling up on the couch for an hour we headed for breakfast in the Weighbridge Cafe in Clondalkin. I think there is a cult following of people who go there hungover on Sundays, the place was packed!


Oh my God you can see the difference between my milky tea and Catherine’s “normal” tea!!!!! Haha!!

After I dropped Catherine home I just went to visit my parents for a while. I finally made it home about 8pm and fell into bed (hence why this post is only going up today!)

Ok guys, well that’s everything I think. Apart from her gift, which is a surprise night away on Sunday! I shall let you know how it goes 🙂

Bré x




Review: Residence Day Spa

For my birthday I decided I wanted to treat myself to some pampering. I didn’t want to go to a salon, I wanted to go to a proper spa. Real pampering. I started googling different places and came across the Residence Day Spa in Naas. It was only 20 minutes from Dublin so it was quicker than going into the city centre. I saw they had a great offer on:

Full body massage, full facial, full soak in the Jacuzzi, and your choice of a mini pedicure or manicure or a lovely wash and blow dry. It takes 3.5-4 hours and includes lunch for only €99!!

You know when you see pictures online and think “nah I’m sure that’s the photos it probably doesn’t look that nice”? Well this place was beautiful.

As soon as I arrived I could feel the relaxing atmosphere. I was greeted by Julia who would be my therapist. Because I had booked on my own she asked if I would prefer to get a lash & brow tint instead of the Jacuzzi. I wasn’t that pushed on the Jacuzzi (if you go as a couple or a group of friends you would really enjoy it) so I chose the tints. She brought me to the main room with the massage beds, tub and chairs. Julia then asked if I wanted 60 minutes massage or 30 minutes body scrub and 30 minutes massage. I obviously chose the latter! Love a good scrub ha. So she left me in the room to change and get on to the bed. There were lovely white bathrobes and all. There was a list of lunch options and I just chose what I wanted before we began.

If there is anything I hate when getting a massage or facial is when the therapist talks. As soon as we began Julia didn’t make a peep. She began with the scrub, then massage and facial. Her pressure and techniques were fantastic. I’m a qualified beauty therapist and sometimes find it hard to enjoy treatments because you are focusing on what they are doing. But I just drifted away. Time slipped by and when she was finished, lunch was brought in. I got a delicious sweet chilli chicken wrap and tea.

Next I was brought to the lash room where my brows and lashes were tinted. She asked did I like my brows to look full and I do. They are naturally full but she made them look amazing! Finally Julia brought me to the nail table as I chose the mini manicure. Here we had a lovely chat. I chose a lovely deep purple. She done a great job and the polish lasted ages!

I had the best experience here and it was the perfect birthday present to myself. My favourite part was definitely the scrub. My skin felt amazing afterwards! I would really recommend this spa to anyone looking to have some alone time relaxing in good hands (pun intended), or for the girls who want to have a girly day for that special occasion, or for a couple who likes to relax and unwind together. (Remember Valentines is only around the corner!) I’ve been in touch with the Girls and they are running their special again!


Don’t forget to mention Writings Of A Single Girl when booking 😛

Bré x