Be patient with your parents

While out with my friend yesterday we started talking about our mothers and their smartphones. I said I felt bad because I would get frustrated with my mam when she would ask me to show her how to do something. Something I thought was simple. And it is. To me. Because I have grown up with that technology. I forget that I once didn’t have a clue how to take a screenshot, or how to download a song, or how to use Facebook. We quickly forget where we once were. Not just with technology but with life in general. My friend said she was the same with her mam and we said we needed to be patient.

When I went to my parents’ house last night to visit I mentioned this conversation and said sorry for being impatient and that I would try harder. And my dad said “you may have taught Mam how to use her phone, but remember, Mam taught you how to use a spoon.” And that was it. Those simple words. Our parents (my mother in particular, for me) have taught us the most simple yet important things in life. Using a spoon, brushing our teeth, tying our shoelaces (we all know how much a struggle that was) and so many other little things. Our lives move so fast that we are now too impatient to help our parents. How to send a message or save a photo from Facebook. Things we can live without. Correction, things our parents can live without. But they spent years teaching us things we couldn’t go through life without. It reminds me of this photo I once saw online.


How true eh?

So please be patient with your parents. I’m going to try a lot harder to be patient with mine.



Bré x


My writings on Trust

Hello everyone, happy Monday!

So this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday challenge is: TRUST

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Trust”

I usually write fiction, and can think of an interesting story. But I couldn’t find any quotes that brought a story to mind. Instead I thought I would share my writings on trust.

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My friend’s funny work story

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I’ve had a busy week and will be posting all about it today. I just wanted to share this story with you though because I thought it was hilarious. I was out with my friend Alex on Thursday and she was telling me about her job (she works in a pub). I couldn’t stop laughing because it just sounded mental. I asked her to write it down and I hope you find it as funny as I did!

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To my Mam

Happy Mother’s day to all the mammies out there, to the children who have lost their mothers and to the mothers who have lost their children.

I think we can all agree that our mothers do more for us than we can ever thank them for. One day dedicated to them is great but obviously we should be appreciating them everyday.

Irish mammies are particularly special with their own humour and logic. They will also protect their children to no end but not afraid to take out the wooden spoon when you’re acting the maggot!


Today I will celebrate with my mam. Me and my sister usually go for dinner with her but this year we have decided to have something in mine. That way my brothers (4 of them) and my sister can come up with the kids and have some tea and finger food. My mam doesn’t drink so she’s not into big nights out. She prefers simple things like this, getting to see eveyone.

Thank you Mam

My mam is the strongest person I know

at 5’4″ and a little over 8 stone you wouldn’t think it.

But she has raised six children,

sometimes on her own.

She has done more for us than we have asked of her

and more than we will ever be able to thank her for.

She’s dealt with my tantrums, and moaning

and yes I was a witch sometimes (still can be).

She cooked us separate meals when we’ve asked

and has washed school and work uniforms over twenty years.

She loves animals and if she could,

she would take every dog in the pounds home.

She never has a lot but is always willing to help you out.

She refuses to visit her grand kids without sweets or a toy for them.

She has had to deal with more than I’m willing

to write about right now.

I guess that shows my weakness and her resilience.

Like I said,

my Mam is the strongest person I know.





Bré x