My first week of weightloss

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

It feels like forever since I’ve posted and what better way to kick off than by saying I lost 4.5lbs in my first week at sliming World! I’m so happy. I was hoping for 2 or 3 pounds but was worried because I had a Chinese on Saturday. But I was good every other day so it obviously paid off!

This week I’m hoping to lose 3lbs. I’ve been good so far and I also joined a spin class. Have you ever done spin? I hadn’t and oh my God can you feel it. Not even the day after but on the second day I woke up ad it hit me. I am not fit at all and I hate classes where you’re made feel like a fool because you’re not able to keep up with everyone. “All fitness levels welcome” is a myth. But the guy in this class was great. My first time he would tell me when a part was too difficult to just sit down and cycle hard. the second class was a little easier and flew in. the classes are based in Tallaght, here is the Facebook page:

I’m going to do two classes a week until my holidays (and when I get back of course). So I am optimistic for next Tuesday!



Bré x


So I accidentally joined slimming World

So yesterday I went to give blood like I do every three months or so (backdoor mention that if you can give blood please do!) They hold a mobile clinic in the local hotel. I went in and done the usual paperwork and then got checked to see if my iron was high enough. It wasn’t. Well that was that. No donating today.

On my way out I noticed there was a Slimming World being held in the room next door. I thought it was a sign I suppose. I’ve been grumbling about my weight the last few months. Not only have I not lost any but I’ve been slowly gaining some. Some of my favourite clothes are getting too tight. My holiday is in four weeks and I feel like a heffelump some mornings. My sister told me to try Slimming World or Weight Watchers and I kept putting it off. I’ve been in both and yes they do work if you stick to them. So I went in there and then and joined.

I was weighted in at 15St 4.5. That’s over a stone more since last year. All the junk food and laziness has caught up and it’s time to face the music. If you were looking at me and I told you my weight you wouldn’t believe me. And that’s part of the problem. I’m 5′ 10″ and can carry weight better than someone at let’s say 5′ 5″. So over the years I’ve gotten comfortable when people say I don’t look like I could weight X amount. And now here we are.

I’ve put myself in the mind set to lose some weight. I feel like if I write it up here I’ll have to do it ha. My short term target is to lose a little weight for my holiday. Bigger target is my birthday in November. Overall target? To get to 11St, fingers crossed. I’ve never been tiny, it’s physically impossible. If anyone out there does Slimming World please let me know your secrets haha. If I get a bit confident I’ll upload before and after photos as I go…we’ll see ha.



Bré x

How 1km becomes 5km

This isn’t a post about health or fitness. It’s about peer pressure, pain and humiliation.

The back story

Our company decided to participate in the 5km work relay in Dublin last week. Basically there are five members on a team running 1km in a relay. I obviously didn’t volunteer because I’m not fit. At all. Anyway two teams signed up but coming up to the race the volunteers dwindled until there was only one team of five left. One being my boss. On Wednesday, the night before the race he text me, saying that he couldn’t do it because he had loads to do before his holiday the next day. He asked could I do it, that I could walk it. I said no because I wasn’t fit enough. It’s not about running or walking etc, it’s a race. You’re under pressure for time. But he said there was no one else and that if I didn’t the team would have to pull out. I know I should have stood up but I said yes, OK.

The day of the race

While in work I tried to get the message across that I wasn’t fit and had to walk the 1km. I was reassured that the others were going to walk it too, they weren’t fit. Bullshit. I knew they were fitter. Not just by their physiques but because I was told they do jogging. I asked my boss for his sponsorship card (he hadn’t bothered to get a single signature). If I had to do this I was going to make sure it was worth it. Anyway, we head to the Phoenix Park, where you had to park and walk to the race. I couldn’t moan about this because having to walk was the only thing that stopped IT guy from coming to ‘cheer’ us on. I actually would have died if he did. Only about five minutes and running late I tried to jog a little to get there. After one minute (told you I’m unfit) I had to stop and walk. My breathing was already heavy and my calves started to hurt. I worried I just hindered my performance.

When I got there, A had already gone. We stood around waiting and after ten minutes we started to question it. Then the announcer mentioned 5km. We looked at each other. “Does he mean 5km each?” People around us began to say it too. Yes he did. And that’s how 1km turns into 5km. I started to panic. I couldn’t do 5. I barely had faith in myself to walk or jog 1km. I told them I couldn’t do it but they kept saying I’d be fine. I know they were trying to reassure me but they clearly didn’t hear what I was trying to tell them. All I could think is that I won’t be fine when I’m collapsed on the tarmac. I thought about just refusing to do it. But a lot of people sponsored me to do it. Because 5km would take a lot longer to do B told me to go at the same time as her. “It’s grand we’ll walk it” As soon as we started she jogged and I tried to keep up but after a couple of minutes I told her to go on.

Again, my legs started to hurt and my breathing got heavier. OK, so I know I’m unfit but I also have a problem where I can’t breath through my nose. I don’t know if this stops me from being able to jog or get even a little fitter but I’m sure it doesn’t help. I thought about just getting to 1km. That’s all people sponsored me for. It’s all I had to do. But as I approached the 1km mark there were loads of people behind me and I didn’t want to turn around and feel humiliated. So I kept going.

An extra 4km

I told myself to just keep going. I walked it. If I kept walking I’d eventually get there. Hopefully by the time the rest of the team finished too. I sang to myself. Thought about writing this post and what I would say. What I’d love to text my boss. None of it helped a great deal. My chest tightened. I felt like crying a couple of times. Not even from pain, but the awkwardness and embarrassment. After 2km a blister formed on the sole of my right foot so I had to lean to the side. This just made my ankle hurt and I felt the strain go up my leg. Everyone, and I mean everyone,jogged it. I was literally the only one walking it. I jogged twice more, once up a hill because I didn’t think I’d make it otherwise. And when I approached the finish line. So yes, I made it. My heart felt a little lighter every time I saw the signs. 1..2..3..4.. When I saw that finish line I was so happy. Happy to finally be over that hell but happy with myself for completing it. I made it. In 45 minutes but I didn’t care.

E went last and ran it in 21 minutes. Not fit my arse.


Yes I felt great after. The adrenaline was still there. It was the next morning, when I woke and everywhere hurt. I went into the office and everyone told me how great I was for doing it. They asked how I was and when I said “I’m in bits” they laughed and I laughed because that was less embarrassing than telling them that my ankle hurt because of the blister, my back and bum hurt, that I almost cried three times because I was too afraid to say no to doing it for fear that people would think bad of me.

They asked if I would do it again, did I find a new thing. No. Plain and simple. I did not have an epiphany where I realised my life was missing this all these years. The only good thing to come out of this is that my boss now owes me a favour and that I raised €140 for charity.


Bré x

P.S If you are a fitness blogger or runner, I admire you. But please don’t comment saying how great you feel afterwards, etc. You know what, comment saying how shitty your first race was. How much you hurt. Us lazy people appreciate the honesty and realism of it.


My writings on So Sue Me workshop

Hi everyone! I thought I’d let you know how last Sunday went. I hope you enjoy.

When So Sue Me announced her Dublin/Kildare workshop I was on two minds about whether I wanted to go. The tickets were €75 and I didn’t really have it laying around. My friend Alex is a big fan of hers and she really wanted to go but I told her I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t paid till the end of the month. A couple days later, she text me a picture of her computer screen. She had booked the two tickets and told me not to worry about paying it back in a hurry. So that was the decision made!

Where was it on?

It was in the Osprey Hotel in Naas. The hotel was lovely and all the staff were really friendly. The room was set out with tables of ten. There was the nail station where you could get your nails done with the SoSu colours. There was a sweet cart too. You can check it out here:

How it went?

So as usual, we were a few minutes late to the workshop and it was packed, which meant we had to sit separately. Fortunately because of the talks and demonstrations I didn’t really notice, plus the girls I was sat with were nice. Suzanne began by talking about how she began her blog. She talked about not knowing what to do when she finished school and all the bumps along the way. I saw similarities in my own life. There is nothing worse for young people than the expectation of having to know what you want to do with your life. It can be made worse when all your friends seem to have their sh*t together. “You can be successful at any age, you can become successful at 50” She gave tips and advice on how to start your own blog. This was my favourite part of the workshop.

Next she done a demonstration on how to use her SoSu contour palette. This has become a huge thing, with chemists selling out in a day. I don’t have it yet but am not sure whether to get it. I’m not huge into make up and definitely not the best when it comes to techniques like contouring. The model was her younger sister Katie and she only done half her face. You can definitely see the difference it makes.

After this, was a talk by Rob Lipsett on fitness and nutrition. I’m not going to comment on this because I had no interest in it. I took this time to go get my nails painted. I love my purples and chose ‘Great Gatsby’.


When my nails were done lunch was announced. There was tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes. Suzanne told us to ask for more if we were still hungry. I made my way to the table but only one plate of sandwiches were there and they were all gone. The girl beside me asked for more and the girl told her she wasn’t sure there was more. A little bit later there was no sign so I asked a different staff member who said they’d check. The cakes were lovely but seeing as it was a long day I would have preferred something more substantial. No more sandwiches came so I ended up having 4 of the little cakes but it just made me feel sick. I filled up on tea. I heard a girl at my table say she was starving. There was loads of cakes left over which was a terrible waste. I would suggest making more food next time and less treats.


After lunch there was a fashion show with clothes from River Island, Wallis and Karen Millen. I quickly realised I wouldn’t afford Karen Millen or Wallis so I found myself shutting off when those looks came out. Suzanne suggested a gorgeous dress from KM that was over €200 as an outfit for the office. Now maybe there were other women there that could afford that but me and my friend certainly couldn’t. I did enjoy seeing how she paired the different clothes together but would have liked to see a more affordable store like New Look, Penneys or H&M.

Next she had two more make up demonstrations by Sinead Murphy and Michelle Regazzoli Stone. They were nice and Michelle is very funny. It was interesting to see the techniques and looks different make up artists use. Susan Tolan from Monica Tolan in Balbriggan also gave a talk about their skincare range Environ which is based on Vitamin A. (Apparently we should all be taking Vitamin A for our skin and general health-I shall be checking that out!)

There was also a raffle in aid of an animal charity. There were also prizes for best dressed, best tweet and the Osprey also gave away a night for best tweet. Suzanne is actually very funny and I don’t think it comes across in her snaps or blog. Her family were all very friendly. We were chatting to her mother who was giving out that Suzanne was swearing. I suppose it just shows she’s still just a normal girl with an Irish mammy.

When the workshop was over you could go up and meet Suzanne. We were waiting about 30 minutes and there was still loads behind us too. But Suzanne smiled and greeted everyone who went up. She took photos, signed books and chatted. When we went up she asked us what our favourite part was and took photos together and separately. Her sister Katie took them for us and I joked that they would look better because the kids these days knew the angles and filters to use ha. Alex asked Sue if she was discontinuing her old polishes as she was looking for three of them. I pointed out that Alex had every other polish, her books and make up. Suzanne seemed delighted and told Alex to go down and give her details to Dylan and she would send them to her for free. How nice! You can tell she appreciates her followers and she thanked us for coming and supporting her.

We also went home with a goody bag with lots of different stuff (as seen on my Snapchat @breesanchezz) here’s a couple of snaps!

Overall it was a great day out with Alex and I learned a good bit about make up and blogging. Oh and a week later my polish is still perfect!


Bré x

Control by Jessica Spencer


I wanted to share this moving poem I came across on a fellow bloggers page. I think so many women can relate to some if not all of the post. Domestic, physical, emotional or psycholigcal abuse doesn’t happen in an instance. It is a slow and dangerous process. Please take a look 🙂


He grabs my hand and never lets go
Sounds sweet at first, but I want to roam
I push and shove and tug to get away
But he’s determined to make me stay.

I fight his grasp, lose control
It seems better to let this piece of me go
Cut off my hand and let him keep hold
Of a piece of me.

Just one piece.


Once he’s got my hand to lead me where he wants
He craves control of my legs to force me to run
Do things faster, go places I don’t want to go
He rushes me down these scary roads.

Maybe if I let him take that control,
It’ll be enough.
Just one more piece.


Now he’s fighting to take everything I have,
As he drags me down these dangerous paths,
He’s taken my voice so I can’t ask
Where we’re heading, what’ll be here

But I know he can smell my fear.

I can’t fight back
Haven’t the strength to push
No courage to run
No desire to be my own person

I need him.
He controls me for the better.
It’s scary and it’s lonely
But I can’t trust myself anymore.

I’m the reason
I’m in this situation
So I’ll let him
Run the show.

I’m forever with him,
Forever alone,
Forgotten who I am
Other than I’m out of control.


You can check out her page here:



Bré x

What if the hills did have eyes?


What if the hill did have eyes?

Let me set the scene for you. I was meeting Mitch for a second date. We had got on so well on the first one, I felt like I knew him ages. He wanted to show me the view from Killiney Hill, something he had mentioned on the first date. I decided to wear a midi dress which was a big trend at the time. I paired it with Vans to look “hot but cool”. I also decided to wear my sucky in knickers too to make myself feel that extra bit confident. Now for anyone not aware of this, the knickers (also known as Spanx) are so tight it sucks in all the lumps and bumps. It also restricts movement but seeing as we were driving to Killiney for a nice walk to chat I thought I’d be fine.

I was wrong. We arrive at Killiney, park and get out to look at the beautiful view down to the sea. We chatted for a bit. It was nice because for our first date we went to a pub for a “few” drinks so it was nice to see each other sober and relaxed. After a little while of what I thought was a perfect evening Mitch announces “the view is much better from the hill, let’s go up” and proceeds to walk across the road to a trail. When I questioned the hike he said it’s only a couple of minutes. And I believed him. Until I realised that my unfit couple of minutes and his recreational jogger few minutes were worlds apart. The first few were fine and I told myself I was doing well.

Then it hit me, the sting in my calf. Next the sexy heavy breathing kicked in which seemed to get worse when he talked to me and I attempted to answer back. So there I am, hiking up the side of a mountain (there I said it), my underwear starting to cut off circulation, my makeup melting off my face. I thanked God it was night time. And then it hit me. “Oh my God, what if we’re not alone.” I look ahead at Mitch. It was only the second date and I basically walked into a dark forest with him. “What if his mates or something are up here, waiting to attack me?” I looked back. We were half way between the bottom and the top. “Could I run?” Clearly not when I was struggling to just walk. I tried to brush the irrational thoughts away but with every twist and turn of the trail my mind went ninety. Against all the screaming in my head, I walked on.

When we came to end of the trail, I found out why we wanted to get me up there. The view was incredible. One side showed a pitch black canvas of the sea, the other diamonds floating across the land. We sat for a bit, chatted some more and I took some photos. I felt terrible for thinking he wanted to murder me.




Happy National Random Acts Of Kindness Day!

Happy hump day! Almost there guys, just hang on!

Ok so did you know it was Random acts of kindness day?? Neither did I until I saw Be Like Water’s post this morning!

So it got me thinking of ways in which we could celebrate this awesome day. And here are my top tips to be that EXTRA bit kind. (I say extra because we should all be kind everyday right?)

  1. Buy someone a tea/coffee (or offer to make them one).
  2. Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoke to in a while.
  3. Ask an elderly neighbour if they need anything in the shop. we used to do this as kids all the time (in fairness you used to get 50p for doing it but the thought was still in it).
  4. Call in to an elderly neighbour for a cuppa.
  5. Look into volunteering for a couple of hours a week, month etc (whatever time you can give).
  6. Bring a treat (healthy or bold, your choice) to the office for everyone.
  7. Hold a charity lunch.
  8. Don’t interrupt anyone today.
  9. Compliment someone to their boss.
  10. Help someone with their trolley, buggy etc.
  11. Smile at someone. This one is so easy & simple and not enough people are doing it.
  12. Donate those clothes you know you’ll never wear to a charity shop.
  13. Donate your old eyeglasses so someone else can see. (Most Specsavers have collection boxes)
  14. Pay the toll for the person behind you.
  15. Tell your parents or siblings how much you appreciate them.
  16. Put a euro in an expired meter.
  17. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’- manners cost nothing.
  18. Ask someone how they are- and really listen.
  19. Say good morning to the person at your bus stop or in the elevator.
  20. Be kinder to yourself.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips and try to implement one or more in your day. I will leave you with these words I read as a teenager and have always stuck with me:

Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle.


Bré x

My Water Challange Result!

Hi everyone! So in my last post you will see how hectic the weekend was so sorry for the delay in writing about this. I finished my 5 day water & green tea challenge on Friday.

Here’s how it went:

Day one-1.5 litres of water, 1 cup of green tea and lemon, and a matcha tea drink.

Day 2-1.5 litres of water, 2 cups of green tea.

Day 3- 2 litres of water and 2 cups of green tea.

Day 4-2 litres of water and 1 green tea.

Day 5- 1.5 litres of water and no green tea.

So after the five days I didn’t feel bloated and when I put on my dress Saturday I didn’t have that feeling where you belly is going to pop out of the dress! I’m happy with my results and I’m going to try keep up the water and green tea.

I also want to try the Coconut Oil as a challenge and figure out what diet I want to give a go. Will keep you updated!

Bré x

My Mini Challenge (Water)

Happy Glorious Monday!! No, just me? I woke up feeling much better so I’m happy haha. Ok so my friend’s 30th is on Saturday. I have my new dress to wear and I tried it on but I feel a bit bloated in it. So I’ve been pretty bad with my diet and drinking enough water lately. I go through phases of being good and bad. I’m good at challenges or when you have a short goal. So I’ve decided to set myself a small challenge for the next five days. Please note this is to try just feel less bloated, I am aware I won’t lose a stone in five days!!

Water is such an important part of your diet. You can lose weight just by drinking enough water each day because you’re body no longer carries water weight. Green tea is great too and in my opinion you don’t need to buy these ridiculous trendy green teas. (If you have tried generic green tea with no success and found success with those expensive funds by all means let me know) Two cups a day can help to cleanse your system (Makes you poop basically). Ok so here is my challenge:

  • Two litres of water each day- I find having a large sports cap bottle helps you drink more.
  • Two cups of green tea with a slice of lemon each day. (I’m using one from Lidl)
  • No sugars (soft drinks, sweets)
  • Limit carbs (this can be a hard one for me so I’m going to try cut down maybe not cut out completely)
  • Only one coffee a day (again I can’t cut out all together)

Ok so there is my challenge! I will let you know the result Friday! If you want to try it please let me know how you get on 🙂

Hope you all have a great day.

Bré x