My writings on Nocturnal Animals

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t graced you with a movie review in a while so here you go!


What’s it about?

Amy Adams stars as Susan, a gallery owner who receives a manuscript from her (estranged) ex husband Edward, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. He names it Nocturnal Animals, which refers to Susan and her inability to sleep. Along with the manuscript is an invite to dinner while Edward is in town. Susan soon becomes caught up in the novel, which is to be quite honest, disturbing (I’m not going to ruin it for you). It leaves you wondering the end of the story and of course, will she say yes to dinner.

What I liked about it?

Oh my God, it is so dark. It is so disturbing. I loved it. Oh and it has Michael Shannon in it.

What I didn’t like?

There was nothing I didn’t like about it. The cast was great. The ending wasn’t what I was expecting but it was the right ending overall.

Should you watch it?

OK, if you like thrillers and disturbing, haunting movies then yes, because you’ll love it. But if that might not be your cup of tea, you might want to avoid it.

If you have seen it please let me know what you think.


Bré x






Some awesome women we should all know

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a lovely day with friends & family. While winding down on St Stephen’s Day I was browsing through Buzzfeed and came across this cool article highlighting some of the awesome asian women changing the world. Enjoy reading!


Bré x

My writings on Finding Dory

Hello guys! OK so I’ve been AWOL for a while, between my holidays and just general work and life crap. But I’m back b*tches.


Whoops, got a bit carried away there. All you need to know is I have a lot of interesting (if not embarrassing) posts coming your way. To start us off I thought I’d tell you what I though of Finding Dory. If you haven’t seen its predecessor Finding Nemo, you need to stop reading this and go watch it. Go, we’ll wait for you.

OK ready?

What’s it about?

Starring a range of high profile actors, the sequel is about Dory’s journey to find her family, with the help of her new friends.

What I liked about it?

It is non stop funny. With loads of cute creatures (yes I know they’re not real) to goo over. I was a little worried that after such a long wait (thirteen freakin’ years) it would not live up to expectation. But it did, it totally did. This film will capture the hearts of all the young children and the people like me who fell in love with Dory long before this film.

What I didn’t like about?

Nothing, zilch.

Should you go see it?

Yes! With your kids or with your friends, you’ll enjoy it.

Can you see this without watching Finding Nemo?

Yes you can, the story picks up where the last one ended. But seriously, watch it. You will enjoy the subtle jokes a lot more.

Well ladies & gentlemen, if you do go see it please let me know what you thought.

Talk soon!


Bré x



My first week of weightloss

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

It feels like forever since I’ve posted and what better way to kick off than by saying I lost 4.5lbs in my first week at sliming World! I’m so happy. I was hoping for 2 or 3 pounds but was worried because I had a Chinese on Saturday. But I was good every other day so it obviously paid off!

This week I’m hoping to lose 3lbs. I’ve been good so far and I also joined a spin class. Have you ever done spin? I hadn’t and oh my God can you feel it. Not even the day after but on the second day I woke up ad it hit me. I am not fit at all and I hate classes where you’re made feel like a fool because you’re not able to keep up with everyone. “All fitness levels welcome” is a myth. But the guy in this class was great. My first time he would tell me when a part was too difficult to just sit down and cycle hard. the second class was a little easier and flew in. the classes are based in Tallaght, here is the Facebook page:

I’m going to do two classes a week until my holidays (and when I get back of course). So I am optimistic for next Tuesday!



Bré x

Have you got good news?

Bloggers far and wide!

I’m looking for some help for a blog post, without giving too much away yet. Have you got some good or happy news you’d like to share?New job? Raise money for charity? Something awesome happening in your town? Someone’s birthday? Big or small, personal or to do with your blog, let me know!

You can email me at or twitter is @singleGRLbrain

Please and thanks 😉

Bré x

What To Say When You Find Out Your Kid’s A Rapist

Very interesting post! (And the appropriate response if it was your son)

Just Alyssa

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.26.44 PMBrock Turner was convicted of violently raping an incapacitated woman, but his father, Dan, thinks his loss of appetite is enough punishment.

I’m a parent. I know what it’s like to worry, sometimes irrationally, about the horrors that could befall my kid. I have imagined everything from kidnapping to cancer, miscarriage to….. well, let’s just say that in my mind I have already nursed her through every injury, illness and personal tragedy that my very-creative mind can come up with.

I haven’t prepared for the possibility that she could be the perpetrator of horror on someone else’s child. But, thanks to Dan Turner, the clueless fuck of a father who raised Brock Turner, the aspiring young athlete who raped a drunk woman behind a dumpster when she was passed out, I have now thought that through too.

And I think I have a grasp on what I would say if…

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My friend and her boyfriend don’t sleep together

Hey everyone, happy Monday!

I just wanted to share this with you because I think it’s so odd. A while back my friend Rose moved in with her boyfriend. They were together about eight months. She was living in a 2 bedroom apartment when he moved in. We were out one night recently and she said something about Tony’s room and I laughed thinking maybe she meant that his junk was in there. But she was serious. When he moved in all his stuff went into the second room. And so did he. Rose said “ya know, it’s grand when you want your own space”.

We went out on the weekend and I stayed in hers after (easier for taxis and that). I stayed in her room and she went into Tony’s room with him. I just didn’t get it at all. Why make that kind of commitment and move in with someone that you don’t even want to share a bed with at night? If they could only afford to rent a one bedroom apartment (and that is the way things are going in Ireland’s rental market) they would have to share a bedroom. All their clothes, bits and bobs in one room with one bed.

Obviously I’m single now but one of my favourite parts of being in a relationship is sharing a bed with someone. The whole situation reminds me of that episode of King of Queens where they accidentally get twin beds delivered instead of a king size. At first they love the space, only going over to each other for sex and heading back to their own bed. Eventually they miss sharing a bed and get rid of the twins.

What do you all think? Is it just me?


Bré x






10 lessons I learned from living with facial disfigurement

This is a fellow Irish blog I came across in a Facebook group. Very inspiring!


I can’t live my life all over again, but if I could offer some advice to a younger Tom then there are 10 things I would say:

  1. You can’t change your disfigured face, but you can change your attitude. Don’t surrender to negative thoughts.
  2. The biggest enemy is yourself, not anyone else. Don’t find that out the hard way.
  3. Don’t stop yourself from meeting people, or going out socially just because you look the way you do. Most people don’t care and will happily accept you. Seriously.
  4. Switch off when you notice people staring. You can’t stop them staring, but not as many people stare as you think. I found that out as the years rolled by.
  5. Ignore the occasional insults and abuse that come your way. I’ve experienced a few incidents, but if you allow them to affect you long term then they will stop you enjoying the best…

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