Wishing wanting working

I want to write, but Netflix is calling me.

I want to clean the kitchen, but my bed is calling me.

I want to be as big as Su and Jo, but I hate social media.

I want to be a successful as Stephen, but the words don’t always come.

I want Kylie’s lips, but I oppose plastic surgery.

I want clear natural skin, but I have to cover up that spot.

I want a flat stomach, but I hate exercise and love pizza.

I want my own house, but the bank will never give me a mortgage.

I want a funny nice guy, but he’s either non existent or doesn’t want me.

I want to be as happy as Jen at her age, but I want kids more.

I want to speak my mind more, but don’t want to come across as a bitch.

I want, I want, I want.

So I better go work, work, work.


Blogger night out with IBA

Hi everyone! So if you follow my Snapchat (@breesanchezz) you will know that last week the Irish Bloggers Association (IBA) were invited by Oscar’s Bar and Kitchen to try out their menu and have a couple of drinks. It was only my second blogger meet up and I was really excited to meet some more fellow bloggers.

When I arrived I was greeted with a gin cocktail which was yummy, and not too strong. There were a lot of bloggers there and I was a bit like a deer in headlights. Not sure where to sit I went to say hello to Fiona first. Fiona runs the IBA and she is very friendly. She led me to a table and introduced me to everyone.


I sat down and discovered this table was food bloggers. When you’re there to try a tasting menu this is a good thing. They knew a lot more about food than me and they were lovely! Their blogs are a real mix so I suggest checking them out. (I’ll post all the links at the end to their blogs and to the restaurant)

The food was all different and was presented differently. They had a lot of vegetarian options because one of the girls at our table was vegetarian and they made sure she had something for each course.

The staff were all so friendly. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. It really makes a difference to your experience whether it’s a fancy restaurant or the cinema. They also knew a lot about the food. There was none of this throw the plates on the table and run. They explained what was in each dish, how it was cooked and offered a drink that would compliment it.

There was also a singer who really set the mood with a mix of blues/swing. The decor is really nice and the atmosphere is chilled.

My favourite dish would have to be the steak. I usually wouldn’t order it but it was delicious so it might be my new choice ha. Then the dessert came out. Danny the waiter was hilarious. After serving them he told us “Jesus himself would say ‘you deserve this'”. It was beautiful and was served with a dessert wine.

I had a really great time in good company. It’s nice chatting to other bloggers because it’s such a diverse community. The food was amazing and we were not short of drinks ha.

I have to suggest Oscar’s for my friends next dinner date. We love trying new places and Rose is vegetarian and Edie is Vegan. Oh and how could I forget the little gift we got when leaving. They really went above and beyond to accommodate us.


Here is the links for you guys to check out:








Bré x


The Crush

Every time you talk I want to answer you,

let you know I feel the same

but I’m not part of it so I stay quiet.

I had gotten over you

until I had to see you everyday.

Convincing myself we’d be great together

I thought there was something between us.

I know now that’s not true.


You seem wiser than your years

and at the same time you act your young age.

I refuse to be your pal when the others aren’t around.

I love your cheeky smile.

I felt bad ignoring you in the canteen

Were you trying to make an effort

Maybe even a move?

I remind myself you’ve had chances

and passed them up.


So I’ll do my work, answer you politely

give attitude when you warrant it.

You do your work, laugh with the clique.

I’ll keep secretly hoping to find a message

from you on Facebook.


Bré x

After Eight (Flash fiction for aspiring writers)

Hi everyone! I just came across this  new blog with a writing challenge (and we all know how much I love my writing challenges). Check it out:



She tapped her nails on the table, glancing at her watch. The restaurant began filling quickly. The band was setting up. She put her hand up as the waiter tried to approach her again. He scurried past, dropping the menu like a ninja. A menu. Did he think she was here alone? That she was stood up? Not this time. He promised her he’d be here. That he was finally going to tell his wife. She grabbed her coat and stormed out.

It only took her fifteen minutes to get to his front door. She peered in the kitchen window to see if he was home. That’s when she saw him. Placing the chain around her neck and a kiss on her cheek. She screamed. They both jumped, looking out at her, terrified. He ran to the door but she ran on to the road. Wheels screeched. He held her close, called for help. She smiled as her eyes closed one last time.

She tapped her nails on the table, glancing at her watch.




Bré x


Sorry I’ve been MIA

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I posted. It’s been down to a couple of things, mostly time. My new job means I’m home later than before and sometimes all you want to do is have your dinner and watch Netflix. The job itself is busier too which means I only have my lunch time to think about other things. The job also restricts internet usage which means I can’t read other blogs during my lunch. Which leads to another point. I’m not one for posting on my own blog and not interacting or contributing to other blogs so this has hindered my interaction on the wacky web.

I suppose life itself has gotten in the way too. Sometimes I just want to go shopping or to the cinema and the blog is put to the back of my mind. In the last week though I’ve hit a wall. Writer’s block has stopped me from thinking of anything for the writing prompts I enjoy. And I didn’t want to force it. So I though it better to take some time and come back fresh.

I realise now it sounds like I’m whining ha. I suppose I just wanted to explain  my absence and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way sometime. But I am back! Hopefully with posts you will all enjoy 🙂


Bré x

Friday fiction part 7

Well here we go, part 7!

Here’s the link to the challenge: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/friday-fiction-with-ronovan-writes-prompt-challenge-20-you-meet-a-professor/

And here are my entries if you need to catch up:







I stood looking at Holden, not sure what to say. He looked at me, waiting for an answer. “Well? Are you not even gonna say anything?” I thought about walking away, running to the car door. But I wanted to know. I needed to know. “Would you have left? The family, your parents, the only life you ever knew?” He smiled softly and I couldn’t make out if it was happy or sad. “You are the only life I’ve ever known.” Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. Soft. I didn’t pull away, instead I leaned in. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. It always had been.

I always remember our first kiss. We had all been in the teen room one night. It was basically a big lounge area. A pool table, pin ball machine and large projector to watch whatever we want. Everyone slowly dwindled out, heading to bed or couples going off for alone time. We had been friends since we were babies. It wasn’t some sort of soul mates scenario where everyone thought we’d end up together. Holden was my best friend. We had a lot in common growing up. As teens we started the same extra curricular activities. We spent a lot of time together. And so we ended up alone in the teen room one night just like so many nights before. We decided to watch our favourite show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Chilling on the sofa we laughed and Holden kissed me. It happened just like that. It felt so natural. And we kept on kissing. He was the only boy I ever kissed while living at Home.

As our kiss ended and we pulled away I noticed several cars pulling up. “Shit” Holden muttered something about more time. Several men jumped out of the cars, some I recognised. One of them opened the door to the black BMW leading the convoy. I noticed the cane first. As he walked towards us Holden swore a bit more. Then in one swift move he turned to me and grabbed my arms, almost shaking me. “He won’t hurt you Morgan. Firion, he won’t let anyone hurt you. Remember that.” He kissed me once more, hard, quick. Before I could question it, the men were standing around us. “Well Morgan, it’s been a long time.” “Yes it has. Hello professor.”

My favourite subjects in school were art and history. Our art teachers were just two of the mothers telling us to paint or draw. Sometimes they would ask someone to be a model for us. I enjoyed the freedom of drawing, no right or wrong answers. I loved it. Not as much as history though. The professor was my favourite teacher. I would listen in awe as he told us about the vikings, Hitler and the Berlin Wall. He didn’t have any children and didn’t take part in the relations of the family. As children we heard different rumours about him. He was a monk who ran away from the monastery. A father who watched his children murdered. None of them were probably true. He still admired him though. He told me I could go on to study history in college. Perhaps even become a lecturer. That was the plan.

“It’s time to come home now.” “I’m not coming home. It’s not a home it’s a prison.” “This isn’t a request Morgan, get in the car. Elena will follow in yours.” I looked to Holden, wondering whether he was right. I turned to leave the circle they had made around me. Three of them moved, allowing me to walk towards the car. Just as I pulled the handle, I realised they were going to let me go. Holden was right. I opened the door. “Morgan” Holden’s voice made me pause. Should I ask him to come this time? I looked back and my heart stopped. The professor spoke again. “If you don’t get in the car, I will put a bullet in his head.” His arm was outstretched, the handgun just barely touching Holden’s temple. His eyes were serious, cold. I looked to Holden  but his eyes were on the ground. I needed him to tell me it was a bluff. He wouldn’t look at me. One hand was firmly on the door frame, the other hanging in the air. I took a deep breath. The door shut with a bang. As the tyres screeched Holden took my hand, squeezed it. “We’ll be home in no time.” The professor said sarcastically. I squeezed Holden’s hand back.










Friday Fiction with Ronovan Part 6

I really need to start thinking of a title for this ha. I’ll leave the link for the challenge below. Here are the links to previous entries:






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