So I accidentally joined slimming World

So yesterday I went to give blood like I do every three months or so (backdoor mention that if you can give blood please do!) They hold a mobile clinic in the local hotel. I went in and done the usual paperwork and then got checked to see if my iron was high enough. It wasn’t. Well that was that. No donating today.

On my way out I noticed there was a Slimming World being held in the room next door. I thought it was a sign I suppose. I’ve been grumbling about my weight the last few months. Not only have I not lost any but I’ve been slowly gaining some. Some of my favourite clothes are getting too tight. My holiday is in four weeks and I feel like a heffelump some mornings. My sister told me to try Slimming World or Weight Watchers and I kept putting it off. I’ve been in both and yes they do work if you stick to them. So I went in there and then and joined.

I was weighted in at 15St 4.5. That’s over a stone more since last year. All the junk food and laziness has caught up and it’s time to face the music. If you were looking at me and I told you my weight you wouldn’t believe me. And that’s part of the problem. I’m 5′ 10″ and can carry weight better than someone at let’s say 5′ 5″. So over the years I’ve gotten comfortable when people say I don’t look like I could weight X amount. And now here we are.

I’ve put myself in the mind set to lose some weight. I feel like if I write it up here I’ll have to do it ha. My short term target is to lose a little weight for my holiday. Bigger target is my birthday in November. Overall target? To get to 11St, fingers crossed. I’ve never been tiny, it’s physically impossible. If anyone out there does Slimming World please let me know your secrets haha. If I get a bit confident I’ll upload before and after photos as I go…we’ll see ha.



Bré x


My writings on The Conjuring 2

I can’t explain my excitement at seeing this film. As soon as I heard about the sequel I wanted to go see it. And of course I’m going to share my thoughts with you all  ha. Here is the trailer but if you liked The Conjuring as much as me you don’t even need to see it (I didn’t).

What’s it about?

Just like the first film this is based on a true story- The Enfield Poltergeist. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return to play Ed & Lorraine Warren. They travel to London to help single mother of four Peggy when her house becomes haunted.

What I like about it?

I was already familiar with the Enfield case (of course I was) so I knew the basic plot. The film is quite scary from the very beginning, with lots of jumpy bits. There are lots of twists and turns. There are also a few funny parts too.

What I didn’t like?

The ending or climax so to speak was a little too simplistic after such a big build up. Apart from that I loved it.

Should you go see it?

Yes! If you like horrors, ghosts and to be frightened you will love this! Oh, but I should tell you, that apparently when they play the original recording of the possession people have claimed to become ‘possessed’ ha.

If you go see it please let me know what you think!



Bré x

Why lovers can’t be friends

A girl I know is seeing this guy on and off for about three years. They’ve been on again for almost a year. Firstly I’ll just quickly say that I think he’s a dickhead who is just stringing her along until he gets bored. He’s also a sponger who is constantly borrowing money from her (we won’t say the amounts). But she is crazy about him.

Last week she told me he bought her tickets to Rihanna last Tuesday. Then while we were chatting he text her saying “Do I still owe you any money?”. And I knew it. He was breaking up with her again. Tying up loose ends. When I saw her on the Monday she told me. He was supposed to go to a family event with her the weekend and bailed. She got annoyed and told him she needed his support but he still decided to go off with his mates and get pissed. On Sunday he told her he thought they should just be friends. That the sex was complicating things. They weren’t friends before.

Let me clarify this- sex doesn’t complicate things. Being an asshole does.

Oh but he still wanted to go to the Rihanna concert together. She was unsure. She didn’t want to say no and “look spiteful”.  So she said she’d go and meet him there and head home straight after. Of course that’s not what happened. He insisted she come to his first and head in together, and then after he asked her to stay the night. We all know that glimmer of hope when they want you to spend the night. “Maybe he does want me. Does love me.” So she did and of course they slept together. The next morning he informed her this didn’t change anything.

I’m sure some of you are thinking “You’re an idiot, get away from him” and some of you will empathise, maybe even relate. It’s hard to tell someone to finish it, make a clean break. Especially when he keeps leaving little breadcrumbs for you to find your way back. I hope she has her epiphany soon because only she can make that decision. Or maybe he’ll f*ck off again soon.

I wanted to focus on the whole “friends thing” though. I truly believe that you can not go from lovers to friends. Especially if there is any feelings there, which one party always has after a break up. Sex doesn’t complicate things. Sex is a bonus. The jealousy, love, resentment and awkwardness complicate things.

I’ve never used that line on a guy because it’s an insult. It was only ever used on me once but I knew I couldn’t go from one to the other so it ended there. My friend knows she can’t be friends with her guy because she couldn’t bear to see him with someone else while she’s supposed to be happy for her ‘friend’. I also think, well, what makes you think I want you as a friend. I have enough friends, they’re awesome. I don’t need a shitty half ass friend just because you are too cowardly to end it properly, or because you want to keep that connection there in case you’re bored or horny.

OK so you’re friends with your ex? Straight after the break up? That he initiated? Fine, you’re the exception that proves the rule. None of my friends are mates with n ex. I only speak to one ex but most definitely don’t consider each other friends. I just don’t think it can be done.



Bré x

Lads, some tips for your Tinder profile

OK so I downloaded Tinder again. (I’ll never learn) After flicking through the different profiles some thoughts came to my head. So lads, if you want to get anywhere on Tinder I suggest you follow these tips (ladies, pay attention too).

Your photos

Let’s face it, Tinder is about appearances. So make sure your photos are up to scratch.

  • Have at least one non-group photo.. This isn’t Where’s Wally.
  • Have something other than selfies up. We want to know you’re not vain, have friends and a life.
  • Tinder is not Facebook. No need to upload all your holiday snaps.
  • No naked/topless photos. Again, you just look vain and sleazy.
  • Don’t upload photos that look suspiciously like a couple. Potential girlfriends don’t want to see that.
  • Use recent photos and for the love of God look the same in all your photos.
  • Don’t use glamour shots- this screams Catfish.
  • Avoid smokes hanging from the mouth, photos of weed and general ‘up yours’ gestures.
  • No children in photos please. If you have children fine, mention it in your bio, but no need to put their photos on an online dating site!
  • Again, don’t put photos of kids up with the caption “not my child”. It’s not funny it’s just weird.
  • Smile- you automatically look more attractive.

Your profile

  • So the more information you put up on your bio, the easier it is for people to know whether you have stuff in common. More importantly it gives people something to message you about!
  • Put something funny in your profile, maybe something a little cheeky.
  • TV shows are always a good one too. A guy messaged me a quote from one of my favourite episodes of It’s Always Sunny and I fell hard for him.
  • Oh, and have your real name up. Seriously.


  • Do not, I repeat do not message “hey” “what’s up” or use “sexy” “hun” or any “xx”. Put a little effort in. It’ll pay off.
  • This comes back to the bio. Pick something out from their profile and start a conversation. Let it go from there. If they don’t have anything up, again, how interesting could they be? Do you really wanna waste time there?
  • If you really don’t know what to write, why not send a cheesey joke? If you can make a girl laugh and all that.
  • Send something random, show off your weird personality. Weird is sexy.

Good intentions

OK so a lot of people (from both sexes) are just looking to hook up. That’s cool. You do you, boo. But don’t waste my time when I’ve made it clear I’m not interested in just sex. Tell me your intentions from the start and we can part on good terms, quickly.

So there you go guys and gals. Now go forth and upgrade those lame ass profiles. Find the love of your life, marry and have cute little babies. Sorry getting ahead of myself!


Bré x

Why am I single?

Recently someone (a guy) asked me how was I still single, because I seem really cool. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked. I find guys ask this because they think it’s a compliment, maybe they think I’ll gush and fall for them. But this isn’t the way to impress me or get my attention. I can’t recall a single woman asking me this question. And I find it hard to believe that men get asked this question often.

It got me thinking anyway. When people ask this question I feel it implies that the only reason someone can be single is because a “suitor” hasn’t chosen to be with them. Nothing to do with our choices. I’ll be honest it does make you think “Wait why am I single? What’s wrong with me?” And so I came up with some reasons why I’m single. You can pick one or all of them, because they’re all true (at some level).

Why am I single? Because:

  • I want to be
  • I have high expectations
  • Of wrong choices I have made with men
  • Of mistakes I’ve made
  • I find it hard to trust
  • I haven’t found ‘the one’
  • I haven’t found someone I can put up with
  • I haven’t found someone who loves horror as much as me
  • I haven’t found someone who loves me enough
  • I haven’t found someone who’s not a massive dickhead
  • I fear commitment
  • I’m not emotionally or mentally stable enough right now for a relationship
  • I’m too young to settle down
  • I’m too old to waste time on fuckboyz
  • I’m still trying to get my own life together without worrying about another person too
  • I sometimes don’t have enough time to shower and eat never mind have to put time in with another person
  • I like flirting and enjoy my little crushes
  • I can’t commit to owning a dog right now never mind a human
  • Of my friends who are in horrible relationships
  • I don’t put up with shit anymore

So there we are. Some reasons why I’m single right now. Maybe next time a guy asks me I’ll send them this list and see if they’re still interested haha!



Bré x

My writings on Money Monster

Anyone else feel like it’s been ages since I was at the cinema? No? Just me haha.

Well I went on Wednesday with Rose to see Money Monster. I’ve been dying to see it ever since I saw the trailer. You could feel the suspense in it.

What’s it about?

The film stars George Clooney as the presenter of a money advice show and Julia Roberts is his producer. Jack O’Connell (one of my new crushes) plays working class Kyle who takes the show hostage. That’s when it gets exciting.

What I liked about it?

The suspense is ongoing for the entire film. When you think you know how the story is going to go, you are surprised. There are a lot of random funny bits too which help break the tension. Jack O’Connell gave a great performance too. Also, I don’t really have a clue about stocks and finance but I was able to understand what was going on.

What I didn’t like about it?

There was only one thing I didn’t like which was the stereotypical assistant having the affair with her boss. Throw in a terrible Irish accent which just made it worse. Apart from that I can’t complain ha.

Should you go see it?

Yes! The film has you on the edge of your seat for the entire film. If you like suspense, drama and humour you’ll love it.





 Bré x

Have you got good news?

Bloggers far and wide!

I’m looking for some help for a blog post, without giving too much away yet. Have you got some good or happy news you’d like to share?New job? Raise money for charity? Something awesome happening in your town? Someone’s birthday? Big or small, personal or to do with your blog, let me know!

You can email me at or twitter is @singleGRLbrain

Please and thanks 😉

Bré x

The Irish Office-Episode 2

Hi everyone! You all seemed so interested when I wrote about my new job and the office ( ) so I thought I’d let you know what else has happened!

On the road

Part of my new job involves taking over the accounts in Northern Ireland. This meant that last week me and my boss had to go to Armagh for me to get trained. Two hours in a car with my boss up and back. What on earth would we talk about? Linda who had to go up before said it’s grand. Mainly because the boss just keeps talking. She said I’d find out all about his wife. I thought she was joking. She wasn’t. I had heard she kept him on a tight leash, and that she ruled the roost. But he basically told me it. He was even late picking me up because as he was walking out the door she told him to watch the kids while she had a shower (surely she knew he had to leave early because he goes to Armagh once a month!). He told me that she doesn’t work because she’s at home with the kids (although she didn’t work before that either) but when he gets home he has to cook dinner and she tells him what to cook. He does the cleaning etc too. Apparently the reason he couldn’t do the walk ( ) was because had to cook dinners for their holiday the next day! He tells the lads in work and they all think he’s mad.

The deli

There is nothing around our office but a little dinky deli. Nothing fancy. They got a new girl in and although she is lovely she can’t make a wrap to save her life. There’s never enough on it and one day I even made a point of saying nicely “oh can I get extra cheese on it?” “sure!”..Nope. Half of my roll had cheese. Linda is gas, she says skinny girls shouldn’t work behind counters because they don’t know proper proportions haha!

IT guy

Want to get over a crush? Start working with them. Seriously. He moans about everything. It’s too cold, too warm, we’re making too much noise, the phones vibrate too loud. Honestly, how did he seem so much more fun in my old office?

The clique

Yesterday they talked about how good a cake was (that someone brought in- people are always bringing in cake). For ten minutes. Ten minutes! I mean I like cake as much as anyone else but just shut up and eat it. Then today one of the girls was on the phone to someone and made a mistake and said “oh sorry that’s the blonde” and the rest started laughing “she’s hilarious”. Well firstly how is she funny that joke is so old. Secondly it’s a bad joke.

Oh and remember the table they love to sit at. I genuinely think it’s a compulsion at this point. We were sitting there the other day because we went on lunch early (I don’t even know why I’m trying to justify why we were sitting there). They all came in and started sitting in beside us. OK at a push, this table is designed for eight people. There were now twelve of us at it. Feckin’ twelve. Just sit at another table! I wouldn’t mind if they even included us in conversation but they don’t, so why sit with us?


Danny is still leaving as soon as the boss does (which can be up to two hours early). Recently he told me he is actually on probation because he called in sick a lot before his transfer. I would think that would be a good reason to make a good impression now. He seems to like the job but I’m not sure.

OK well that’s enough for this episode ha.

Bré x

What To Say When You Find Out Your Kid’s A Rapist

Very interesting post! (And the appropriate response if it was your son)

Just Alyssa

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.26.44 PMBrock Turner was convicted of violently raping an incapacitated woman, but his father, Dan, thinks his loss of appetite is enough punishment.

I’m a parent. I know what it’s like to worry, sometimes irrationally, about the horrors that could befall my kid. I have imagined everything from kidnapping to cancer, miscarriage to….. well, let’s just say that in my mind I have already nursed her through every injury, illness and personal tragedy that my very-creative mind can come up with.

I haven’t prepared for the possibility that she could be the perpetrator of horror on someone else’s child. But, thanks to Dan Turner, the clueless fuck of a father who raised Brock Turner, the aspiring young athlete who raped a drunk woman behind a dumpster when she was passed out, I have now thought that through too.

And I think I have a grasp on what I would say if…

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When I was 14 I shaved my eyebrows

It was summer and we were hanging out in my friends estate. There was us few, the lads and another small group of girls we hung out with too sometimes. The other girls started talking about one of the girl’s eyebrows because she had got them done. They were really thin.They all kept saying how lovely they were. No one said anything to me but when I went home and looked in the mirror all I could see where two dark bushy brows. I thought about that pretty girl, and the other pretty girls saying how nice her eyebrows were. I thought about the boys standing around as the girls said this. Including the boy I fancied.

So I took the razor and I “groomed them”. I actually thought I could use a blade to evenly and symmetrically shape my eyebrows. To say I failed was an understatement. I basically shaved the ends off so they looked like two black blocks. I hid from my mother the next morning and ran down to my friends. She started laughing as I lifted the baseball cap up to show her. I wore it for the rest of the day. Oh did I forget to mention it was Good Friday? And that my friend’s mother made her go to church. So she said she’d go down with me. I had to go into church, take my baseball cap off and sit there with my head down. Luckily my friend told us we could leave after ten minutes because it meant she could tell her mother who she saw at mass and she would believe that we went ha.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t ask my mam to bring me to get them waxed or something. I was barely shaving my legs and I guess I was too embarrassed to ask. And in that moment I hated them and wanted them gone. This post originally came to mind as just a funny embarrassing story to share but when I got thinking I saw a little deeper. I tried to make my eyebrows look like the other girls. To fit in. Looking back, the boys weren’t even listening. They didn’t even notice her brows.

When I was 19 I plucked them into thin little pencil lines. I cringe looking back but they were the trend at the time. I even remember my friend asking me to do hers like that. When I look back at photos as a preteen I had beautiful full brows and I wish I had never touched them. Fortunately in my early twenties I became more comfortable with my full dark brows and now I would never change them. Even today the trend is basically to have non existent brows and draw the perfect shape with make up. But I am over the trends. In fact I don’t actually let anyone else touch my brows now ha.

And it’s not just me. As a beauty therapist I met women of all ages who regret shaving or plucking their brows to fit in with trends because they no longer grew for them. I have actually said to friends I would hate to be a teenager now because there is a lot more pressure now to conform to the trends. You need to be happy with your own features. Make sure to go somewhere reputable that will shape them to compliment your face. This goes for more than just brows too. Be careful what trends you follow for make up, your body, diets, everything.

Well I think that’s enough preaching haha.

Have a great Sunday!

Bré x